Social Boston Sports - Social Host Application
Are you a social butterfly and interested in working part-time for Social Boston Sports? Please take a few moments to fill out this application and tell us a bit more about yourself.

The Role: Represent Social Boston Sports at sports leagues, events, parties, brand missions, fitness events and adventure trips to help create a welcoming and fun environment for the SBS community and spread the word about SBS throughout Boston.

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Pass the megaphone, I love strangers!
How interested are you in becoming a referee? *
No way!
Any sport, any day
How interested are you in hosting an SBS league? Ex. Answering questions on the field, bringing the party to the bar, music, etc. *
No I'm not comfortable hosting leagues.
I always bring the party!
How interested are you in working SBS events? *
I'm not comfortable working events.
I enjoy being part of the team, right down to cleaning up after the event.
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I'm a couch potato.
I love being active & social!
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