Pioneer Candidate Pool Form 先鋒機械人才資料庫表單
Pioneer Machinery designs some questions which make us to know you faster. We regularly browse our candidate pool, if there are suitable positions for you, we'll contact you soon.

Please finish the form below, every question is necessary to answer. Follow the rule of the number of characters, and the punctuation is not counted.


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Name 姓名 *
Birth Year (A.D.) 出生年(西元) *
Gender 生理性別 *
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How do you connect your specialities with Pioneer Machinery? (The number of characters is unlimited) 自身專業與先鋒機械的聯結? (字數不限) *
Why do you want to join Pioneer Machinery? (The number of characters is unlimited) 選擇先鋒機械的原因? (字數不限) *
How do you exert yourself in Pioneer Machinery in the future? (The number of characters is unlimited) 未來打算如何在先鋒機械的舞台發揮? (字數不限) *
Describe yourself in a short paragraph. (The number of characters is limited to 100) 用簡短的段落形容自己(100字內) *
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