The Music Lab // feedback
Thanks for participating in our research! We are constantly working to ensure that our visitors have a great experience. Some frequently asked questions are below, which might be helpful before you submit your feedback.

**Where can I find the research findings and results from the games?**
We post papers on our website and also post research from the Music Lab on social media. Check out our Twitter ( and Facebook (

**I closed my browser/lost my connection/something went wrong and I didn't get to see my results. Can you look them up for me?**
Unfortunately, we collect all data anonymously, so we are unable to link individual responses to participants. This is intentional, as it protects the privacy of our research participants, but it also means that we are unable to look up your results. This is true even if you provided an email address: with the exception of contacting you for a follow-up study, we are not permitted to find individual responses to our tests. Sorry about that!

**A game isn’t loading/is frozen, help!**
Some devices may have issues loading or running our experiments — it's always a good idea to try a different browser, device, or both. You can also try refreshing your browser's cache (instructions at There are also sometimes rapid spikes in traffic to our website, which can cause lapses in site functionality. If that happens, please be patient, or visit our site another time. If you run into repeated issues or find a specific compatibility problem, please submit a bug report.

**Can I have a list of the songs from a game?**
Sorry, but unless songs are identified in a game, we are keeping them confidential so that participants aren't able to look them up — this could change participants' responses in our experiments and invalidate the data we are collecting.

**I’d like to suggest a feature or a game.**
We love to hear your ideas! You can suggest a feature or game using this feedback form.

If you still have feedback to submit, please use this form. Our lab is pretty small, so it might be some time before you hear back from us, and we are not always able to get to every inquiry, but we’ll do our best to be in touch!
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