City of Stone Mountain Proposed Annexation - Resident Input Questionnaire
The City of Stone Mountain is interested in expanding its city limits through annexation. In an effort to determine the desires of the residents in the proposed annexation area, the City of Stone Mountain is asking residents to complete the Resident Input Questionnaire. Your feedback will assist the city in working with Georgia Legislators to have a referendum added to the ballot in November 2018 to decide the results of the City's annexation efforts.

We thank you for your participation in this important discussion and look forward to receiving your input.

What is your address (house number and street name)?
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What is the name of your subdivision (or the closest subdivision to your home – if known)?
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Are you: (select one)
Which age group do you fall within?
How long have you lived in DeKalb County?
How familiar are you with annexation?
How familiar are you with the City of Stone Mountain’s Annexation Plan?
If you are familiar with the City’s Annexation Plan, what concerns, do you have?
If you had to define annexation, what is the best explanation shown below?
Do you have a clear understanding of annexation versus incorporation?
Based on what you know and have learned, do you think annexation would be beneficial to you has a property owner?
Which item listed below is most important to you?
Are you supportive of a referendum on the upcoming ballot in November 2018 to vote for your property to be annexed into the City of Stone mountain?
If you had to vote today to be be annexed into the City of Stone Mountain, how would you vote?
Please provide any feedback you have regarding this annexation effort below. If no comment, note NA.
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