AHS / AMS Strength & Conditioning Interest Form
Bulldog Student-Athletes,

I hope that you are doing well, staying healthy, and remaining safe!!

The Governor and the NSAA have recently put out information announcing that schools are allowed to start summer strength and conditioning sessions beginning on June 1st.  There are a number of requirements that schools must follow in order to open up their facilities.  

They are as follows:
* Maintain social distance by being 6 feet apart
* Follow gathering guidelines of groups of 10 or less students
* Groups of 10 or less must be pre-determined
* Once groups determined, students may not switch from one group to another
* Interaction between groups shall be avoided
* Sessions can only include weightlifting, running, and exercises designed to promote physical fitness.
* Sport-specific drills are not permitted, and sport-specific equipment may not be used.
*Implement diligent and effective cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched objects and surfaces following the guidance of the CDC

As a result of these requirements, it is very important for us to know which student-athletes are interested in committing to strength & conditioning for the summer and the times and days that work best for those interested student-athletes so that groups and group times can be organized as best as possible.  Please know that we will try to design a program that works for as many student-athletes as possible but that it will likely be impossible to put together a schedule that works perfectly for every student-athlete in grades 6-12.

It is imperative for all student-athletes that are interested in participating to submit this form by Friday, May 22nd. 

Please contact Mr. Palmer (jason.palmer@apsbulldogs.org) or your coach with any questions you may have.

Thank you!  Go Bulldogs!!
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Interest Level in Summer Strength & Conditioning (5 = very interested; 1 = little interest) *
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Scheduling Questions
Per the information above, the NSAA has mandated that we can only schedule groups of ten and we cannot have groups intermixing. For that reason, to coordinate groups please answer the following questions.
Time of the Day: Is there a time of day that does NOT work for you because of other important commitments (i.e. job)? Please be as flexible as possible. If you check "AM" please explain why AM does not work in the "Other" box. If you check "PM" please explain why PM does not work in the "Other" box. If you choose neither AM or PM and choose "Other", please explain. *
Days of the Week: Are there days of the week that will NOT work because of other important commitments (i.e. job)? *
Are there any other details about your schedule that would be helpful to us in our effort to coordinate this program?
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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