Pop Show Program 2020
Create your own choir pop show! Put the song title and artists/performer, etc for each answer spot.
You can create a theme for your show or just do any songs you like.
Things to consider when making planning a show:
1. Keep the songs upbeat more than slow
2. Don't pick songs that are long that will lose the audience
3. Try to find songs that aren't too similar for variety
Name: *
Name your pop show (You can keep pop show) *
What song would you choose to be the opener of your pop show? *
Treble Choir Number 1 Performance *
Treble Choir Number 2 Performance *
Tenor Bass Choir Number 1 Performance *
Mixed Choir Number 1 Performance *
Treble Choir Number 3 Performance *
First Act Closer (Everyone on stage) *
Second Act Opener (All treble choirs together) *
Tenor Bass Choir Number 2 Performance *
Mixed Choir Number 2 Performance *
Second Act Closer (Everyone On Stage) *
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