UTD Esports - League of Legends Analyst Application (Fall 2019)
Hey there! Thank you for taking interest in becoming an analyst for the esports program at The University of Texas at Dallas. We are currently looking for additional analysts to join our team with our expansion. Please read below of the skill requirements we are looking for, as well as the expectations we have of our analysts.

- Very detailed and high oversight of the League of Legends Game.
- Ability to dedicate hours a week to help analyze our athlete's games and their strengths. You will be working directly with the team on seeking what we can do better in practices, scrims, and tournaments.
- Ability to create VODs of games and matches, as well as provide good in-depth analysis for our athletes.
- Ability to show up to scheduled practices and even the opportunity to attend away tournaments/trips.
- Assist with advanced micro and macro play for the players.
- Assist with advanced micro and macro player for the team as a whole.
- Stay on top of the meta and provide analysis accordingly.
- Assist with pick/ban strategies.
- Scouting opponents and their players to design effective strategies to be used against them.
- Attend all team practices and events as assigned by the directors/coaches.
- Assist with any other tasks asked by the coach or University.

- We expect that you treat this as a job and as a working environment. You will be helping improve our team and we require that all of our analysts show up on time, communicate effectively, and be a team leader.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Director Greg Adler (@gurg7#6758) on our Discord.
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