Submit your workshop proposal for the BERLIN CHANGE DAYS 2020
As a facilitator of the Berlin Change Days (, you will be part of an exciting international crowd which explores the boundaries of our discipline. You will have the opportunity to discuss your ideas and approaches for supporting the transformation of organisations and society.

During the Berlin Change Days 2020, we want to experience the art of thinking together about how to build bridges for the future. Bridges between the digital and the analogue, agility and waterfall, matrix and functional, change and identity, love and fear, the global and the local level, the generations. Bridges connecting profitability and sustainability. Bridges that aren’t to be built too early, but after confluencing within teams towards Communities and Networks into a CommuniNETeam.

What are the divides which you think need to be bridged? How can we as change makers contribute with our toolset, skillset, mindset and heartset? What methods and frameworks do you apply for building bridges in your scope of work?

Be part of the BCD-changemaker tribe by offering a 1 ½ hours interactive workshop session, piece of art, or a learning journey before, during or even after the conference contributing with your experience, excitement and energy to the effort of building bridges for the future. On purpose, we want to keep the theme of the conference broad at that stage in order to inspire creative workshop hosts! But certainly you should make sure that your proposal fits into the wider frame: BUILDING BRIDGES!

The BCD20 will take place November 6-8, 2020 in Berlin.

Next: Please read the terms of engagement before you think about your proposal.

Deadline for proposals is Feb 29, 2020.
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