Hudson Valley Craft Brew Festival - November 22nd - Mid-Hudson Civic Center - VOLUNTEER SIGN UP

The Hudson Valley Craft Brew Festival returns to the Mid-Hudson Civic Center on Saturday November 22nd between the hours of 1pm and 6pm. We are looking for volunteers who can pour during the whole event. We will allow volunteers to sample while you pour, and we will also rotate stations throughout the day. Volunteers will also be given special BREW CREW shirts. There will also be area leaders to assist you and also give you breaks as needed to grab food and to try some other beers. Please read the items below and sign up.

To make this event possible, we need the help of volunteers. Volunteers will be helping us pour beer and will also be able to sample beers throughout the event. Here's our outline:

Guidelines and Responsibilities:
1. Report to Volunteer check-in no later than 12pm.

2. You will be given your BREW CREW shirt which you will be asked to change into at that time.

3. We will cover a brief orientation and then you will be assigned to breweries by area leaders. Learn which types of beer you are pouring. It is important that you be able to speak about what you are pouring, even if it is in general terms. Never hesitate to ask a nearby brewery rep or another volunteer for more information.

4. Wait for announcement that gates are open at 1pm

5. Beer is to be poured only into tasting glasses (no pint glasses, etc). This goes for ANYONE including brewery reps. Please contact festival management if anyone is giving you a hard time.

6. Anyone with a large X on his/her hands should never receive a sample; designated drivers, press, etc.

7. Please remain at your assigned location for the duration of the event. If you need a break, notify a floater or area leader and ask him/her to find a temporary replacement. At no time should your station be left unattended.

8. If you run out of beer or need ice please notify the area leader. Do not open or tap any new beer.

9. Please conduct yourself in a responsible and respectable manner. Be friendly, courteous and respectful.

10. When the signal is given to stop pouring beer, please comply immediately. Tidy up your assigned area and remain there until your station has been shut down by an area leader, a floater, or a beer representative.

If you ever need help with anything ask an area leader or floater, they are there to assist you.
This day will be a TON of fun for everyone involved. Being behind the bar is a great experience and you will enjoy yourself. Thank you for volunteering.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the information below.


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