ASIA FEST | 6th Dragon Boat Festival
Festival Date: September 28, 2019 | 11:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Koka Booth Amphitheater, 8003 Regency Pkwy, Cary, NC 27518
Host: Asian Focus NC,
Vendor Application & Fees Due: July 31, 2019
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Number of booths needed (each booth is 10’ x 10’) : *
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WIFI connection is needed from Koka Booth: *
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Vendors' Participation Guidelines:
Asian Focus NC (AF) will review all applicants and reserves the right to only accept applicants that fit the exhibit criteria of the event. The selection criteria is based on, but not limited to quality of offerings, unique or regional cuisine, reasonable prices and value, appearance of overall set-up. It's our priority to minimize duplication of food items, and we will seek vendors' cooperation to change their menu when that happens.

VENDORS: You are Retailed Vendor when you are selling goods/food on site at the event. You are Non-Retailed Vendors when you’re just sharing information and offer free samplings at your booth. AF reserves the rights to request for proof of non-profit to be acknowledged as a non-profit vendor and copies of insurance.

FOOD VENDORS: To ensure that all our food vendors are functioning in accordance with state and county laws that track and issue permits to unregulated food vendors, each food vendor should be prepared to obtain a Temporary Food Establishment (TFE) permit from the Wake County Environmental Services Department. Nonprofits wishing to claim an exemption from permitting must complete a Documentation of Exemption form. Wake County Environmental Services charges a $75 fee for each temporary food establishment (TFE) permit issued. Vendor applications and fees must be submitted by Aug 15, 2019. For more information, visit or call (919) 856-6609.

$300 - Non Profit Retail Vendor
$200 - Non Profit Non-Retail Vendor
$350 - Retail Vendor
$250 - Non-Retail Vendor
$350 - Food truck
$20 for each additional table
$25 for each 20 amp outlet
$15 for WIFI connection

$350 - Non Profit Retail Vendor
$250 - Non Profit Non-Retail Vendor
$400 - Retail Vendor
$300 - Non-Retail Vendor
$400 - Food truck
$20 for each additional table
$25 for each 20 amp outlet
$15 for WIFI connection

REGISTRATION: All vendor requests must be registered by July 31, 2019 with payment to guarantee a space. Cancellation prior to August 15, 2019 can be refunded, but no refund will be made for cancellation after August 15, 2019. AF reserves the right to implement a $50 processing fee upon cancellation

SET-UP TIMES: Friday, September 27, 12:00pm-5:00pm. On event day , Saturday September 28, vendors must have all items unloaded before 10:00 a.m. and be ready to sell when the gates open at 11:00am! Vendors are responsible for securing all of their materials.

BOOTHS: Your vendor fee includes a 10’ x 10’ booth space, a 6’ table and two chairs. You are strongly encouraged to bring tents, additional tables, chairs and other display materials. Table covering or skirts are required to offer a clean and presentable appearance for all booth participants. If you have ordered an electrical outlet, you are only allowed 20 amps/outlet. Used of extension cords and additional outlets must be approved by Koka Booth (KB). All trash, unused or empty boxes must be stored away, place under table coverings or hidden out-of-sight to offer a pleasant experience for all attendees.

BOOTH MANAGEMENT: Your booth must be manned at all times. Vendors may not close booths early or dismantle before Saturday’s closing time. Vendors must keep sufficient product/samples in inventory. No music or flashing lights are allowed at the booths. Vendors must stay within the 10’ x 10’ confines of their booth. Vendors are responsible for securing cash boxes, registers, etc.

NAME BADGES: Each booth will receives four complimentary tickets or ID per booth, which must be worn or in your possession at all times. This allows free entry and exit into the Koka Booth . These will be available to you at check in, to set up at the festival, and you have submitted to us a signed copy of liability waiver agreement.

FIRE SAFETY: All tents used for food cooking operations or any other open flame are required to be flame retardant with either an attached label or certificate of flame retardancy available for inspection. All other cooking operations or open flames should be at least 10 feet away from any non-flame retardant tent. Portable LP-gas containers of 500 gallons (1893L) or less capacity shall have a minimum separation between the container and tent of at least 10 feet. In addition, they shall be securely fastened in place to prevent unauthorized or accidental movement.

INSURANCE & LIABILITY CLAUSE: All vendors is required to submit a Certificate of Insurance, naming the Asian Focus Corporation and Koka Booth Amphitheatre as an additional insured under this policy. This certificate should have the following minimum limits of coverage: General Liability 1.0M (1 million) per occurrence; 2.0M (2 million) aggregate. Whether or not the aforementioned Certificate of Insurance is issued, each vendor will be liable and responsible for the products being exhibited and for the actions of the individuals representing the company and/or products. While at the host site of the event, Asian Focus Corporation is not liable or responsible for any damages or additional costs or any damages occurred as part of vendor activities.

VENDOR CONTACTS: YuPei Chooi [] or Yun-Lieh Chuu []. Please feel free to contact us.

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