Virtualisle 2020 eProgram Registration Form
eProgram is the online WWW Burn Guide for Virtualisle. The events submitted will be available to view almost-instantly (after a half-hour) on our eProgram Event Calendar at Just be sure to refresh the browser every so often to see new events after they post!

- Please note that this form IS collecting email addresses. By filling out this form, you consent to communications that will only be used regarding any and all things pertaining to the events of Summerisle/Virtualisle. Your email will not be sold cause we're not douchebaaaaags. And I haven't got that kinda time anyway.

- Your Theme Camp's DESCRIPTION should have already been submitted with your Theme Camp Registration form. It is NOT collected on this form! This form is just for the events 'n thangs we do to make this burn friggin' sweet.

- Please be considerate of the length of your event descriptions.

- You must fill out this form IN FULL for EACH and EVERY event you are hosting. If you are hosting more than one event, come back to this link and fill out the form AGAIN (a link to do so should be provided after you submit a form). Each time you fill this form out, you will receive an email with a copy of your event submission form, your answers, and the link to come back to edit the submission later. 1 event form = 1 email, 5 events forms = 5 emails, and so on.

- You will be able to return to and edit this form via the link in the email UNTIL JUNE 21, 2020 @ 11:00 p.m. (end of the Virtualisle burn weekend).

- If your event doesn't show up on the VI Event Google Calendar after a half hour, there was an error in submission. Please check your event's details over before submitting - preciseness is key! Or at least strongly recommended. Technology, amirite?

- Event questions? Comments? Concerns? Cancellations? Email
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