2017 - 2018 NOII AESN Inquiry Proposal Submission
The Spiral of Inquiry provides the framework for Network schools to be curious about and (1) scan for what is going on for their learners, to develop a (2) focus for their team inquiry, to explore (3) hunches about what is leading to this situation (good and bad) for learners, to identify areas for (4) new learning, to (5) take action, and to (6) check how much difference these new actions are making to learners.

This Inquiry Proposal Submission is based on the first four stages of the spiral of inquiry. The case study (submitted upon completion of this inquiry) will include a description of the actions you took throughout the year and the ways in which you checked to determine whether or not you made enough of a difference to your learners. Make sure you are clear on what indicators you will use during the checking phase well before you reach that stage.

In preparing your submission (due Nov. 30, 2017), please refer to The Spiral Playbook, the 4 Key Questions for Scanning and Checking, as well as other resources available on the NOII website – and please make sure to share these resource with your team members, particularly those who may be new to inquiry.

The Spiral Playbook

The Spiral of Inquiry Overview

4 Key Questions for Scanning and Checking


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Scanning: In a few sentences, describe what you did during the scanning phase? How did you use the four questions? What did you learn as a result? What other questions did you find most helpful during this process? What stimulated your curiosity? *
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Hunch: In two to three sentences, describe your hunches about the ways in which practices at the school may be contributing to a need for change. *
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New professional learning: In two to three sentences let us know about the new areas of professional learning you plan to explore connected to your focus area. Be as specific as possible. *
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