D&E Upward Bound Alumni Survey 2018
Past UB participants are asked to complete this survey every year for six years after graduating from high school. IIf you were a member of the Davis & Elkins College Upward Bound Program, please assist us in our tracking efforts!
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What high school did you attend while you were in D&E Upward Bound? *
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What year did or will you enter post-secondary education/college for the first time? *
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Are you enrolled in college for the Fall 2018 semester? *
Students Enrolled in College
If you are not enrolled in college for Fall 2018, you can skip this section.
What institution are you attending?
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What is your current major?
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What is your class rank?
What is your enrollment status?
Which of the following did you receive for the 2018-19 academic year?
Are you currently involved in a TRIO Program (Student Support Services, Ronald E. McNair, or other)?
College Graduates
If you have not graduated from college, you can skip this section.
What degree(s) did you complete? (example: B.A. in History)
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What institution is your degree(s) from?
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What month and year did you complete your degree(s)?
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All Students
Is there anything else you would like UB to know or anything the Program can assist you with at this time?
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Would you be interested in presenting to or mentoring current UB participants?
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