Geller Mini-Grant Application
Only Geller Leaders may apply for mini-grants for their projects. Leaders may apply for up to $500 each per project. Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round.

Not all applications will be accepted. We encourage you to spend time planning your answers and discussing your application in advance with Geller Center staff.

For an example application, click here
Leader Name
Leadership project description.
Please answer in paragraph form. Questions to help guide your answer: What is the program need? How does your project meet this need? What does your program do? Who are you working with on this project (organizations or individuals)? Why this project?
How does this project advance the Geller Center's mission and values?
Please answer in paragraph form. Projects must advance the Geller Center's mission of supporting young adults and emerging leaders develop the foundations they need to build and strengthen communities dedicated to peace and justice. The Geller Center's values include peace & justice, worth & dignity of all people, community, personal growth, and the well-being of mind/body/spirit.
Length of your project:
Clear selection
Total budget:
All costs required for your project. If your project is ongoing, please list the budget for one year.
Amount requested:
Amount you are requesting from the Geller Leaders mini-grant. You may ask for up to $500 per year.
Please list an itemized budget for your entire project and identify the items requested for funding from the mini-grant.
List individual items, quantities, and cost of each item.
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