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Welcome! We are grateful for your interest in the Sawtooth Software Academic Grant. Each of us began as a student at some point and we like to give back to up-and-coming researchers such as yourself.

This grant allows Masters and Ph.D. students the opportunity to use Sawtooth Software products for their research. Sawtooth Software grants full access to all necessary products to the grant recipients. The grant is available to any Masters or Ph.D. student enrolled in an accredited institution.

The software grants are awarded year round to allow for differing research timelines. Applicants will be notified regarding grants typically within 2-3 weeks of submitting applications. For your benefit and ours, we do require you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with a few things before we will award you the grant.

We recommend you print this application page and do the activities before submitting the application.

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Do you have a PC? (Lighthouse Studio can only run on a machine that uses Windows. Discover is a simplified online platform that allows for basic CBC surveys). *
What is the expected completion date of your research? It is best to be generous with the time you plan on dedicating to this project. A conjoint study is difficult to complete in a short time frame. *
Software Options
The Sawtooth Software grant program provides access to Lighthouse Studio, which (depending on the grant) comes with the ability to create CBC, MaxDiff, ACBC, ACA, and CVA, along with general surveys. The grant also includes access to the Sawtooth Software analysis tools specific to each analysis method (CBC, for instance, includes counts analysis, Logit analysis, Hierarchical Bayes estimation, and Latent Class analysis) and upon request can also include other analytical tools such as CCEA.

You are responsible for reading the manuals and white papers on our website to determine whether the included analytical tools are sufficient for your purposes and to ensure that your understanding is adequate to use the tools properly. In many cases, past grant recipients have required additional external tools (such as R, Stata, Latent Gold, etc.) to fulfill their particular project/program/committee requirements. We cannot provide support for analysis beyond the methods, reporting functions, and documentation already built into the software.

Please select the methodology you plan to use in your research. We recommend choosing one method unless you have a specific reason to choose more than one. *
Arguments for why you selected one particular conjoint methodology over the others (example: why you chose CBC over ACBC). This article on our website is a helpful resource for distinguishing the differences between conjoint methods and requirements ( *
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Please check the appropriate tutorials you have read and completed. For example, if I was doing a CBC survey, I should complete the "Getting Started" and CBC tutorial. You can find a list of tutorials on this page of our website ( *
In your own words, please provide a simple explanation of what a utility score is. (helpful resource: *
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Depending on your background, it might require significant investment for you to understand underlying algorithms and the mathematical aspects of the software. As a grant recipient, you will have access to our free technical support for troubleshooting any problems you run into using the software. We do not provide in-depth resources to help you write or defend your thesis. However, we hope the software's documentation and technical papers available on our website will help. *
Please confirm that the primary purpose of your research is not commercial. The results from your research can benefit a company but cannot be done for the profit of the student or university. *
As part of the grant we expect a summary write up of your research and findings we can post on our website for the benefit of others. You can view previous and current research projects at our Academic Grant Recipients page (
We require that you properly cite our services and software in your publications/write-ups.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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