Cheating Quiz
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Is your partner taking a newfound interest in his/her appearance? *
(i.e., using makeup, going to the gym more, dressing nicer)
Does your partner avoid answering calls when you are present? *
(i.e., they go into another room or shield their screen)
Does your partner get defensive when you ask questions about where s/he has been? *
(i.e., they make you feel paranoid and often use work as an excuse)
Do you get a gut feeling that something is wrong which comes and goes? *
(i.e., You convince yourself you're overreacting or it's insecurity/paranoia, but out of nowhere, you get this wave where your intuition is telling you that your partner is up to no good)
Have your partner’s moods been very cyclical? *
(i.e., Where sometimes s/he seems normal, however, other times s/he seems very disconnected & irritable)
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