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What we want to do with this survey is to know exactly where you are and where you want to be in regards to your financial situation. Without this information we cannot chart exactly how to bridge the gap between now and the future. The clearer you can be about your strategy, with maps to follow, the closer you are to attaining your goals of financial freedom.
Financial Needs Analysis Form
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These questions are going to help us clarify your current situation so we can compare it with what you really want.
How much money are you currently making per hour? *
How many hours per week are you working $ hour? *
How much money per month do you average per month? *
How much debt do you have? *
This is your dream...what if you could have everything you wanted, what would it look like? What would you be doing with extra money in your accounts? How much are you worth if their were no limits?
How much money $/Hr *
How much money through residual income do want to have per month? *
(Residual income is wealth that comes from other sources than your labour)
How many hrs/week do you want to work through your labour? *
How much money through your wages do you want to make per month? *
How many hrs per week do you want to spend on building your residual income. *
(Residual income is money that comes into you through passive income opportunities)
How many hrs per week are you spending on building your monthly residual income stream? *
The Challenging Questions
These questions are meant to challenge you to create an opening to alternative ways to improve your progress towards financial freedom.
Given your current strategies, do you think you will ever reach where you want to be financially? *
Are you interested in creating more residual income? *
What is your preferred amount of debt? *
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