RTMA/URMA V2.8 Evaluation Form
Please rate how the new version of RTMA/URMA compares to the current version. Multiple choice questions are mandatory; they ask whether there is a major improvement, minor improvement, no change, a degradation or whether a particular change is relevant to you. Optional, open-ended questions follow for each question. Respondents are strongly encouraged to expand on responses for which they notice any degradation.

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In this upgrade advancements were made in the assimilation of near surface wind observations to improve a slow wind speed bias. Have you noticed an improvement in the wind and gust analysis? *
Further comments on winds:
In this upgrade the precipitation RTMA product, derived from first-run Stage II/Stage IV, was replaced with MRMS QPE. Do you find the precipitation changes/enhancements to the precipitation RTMA useful? *
Further comments on precipitation RTMA changes
In this upgrade the ConUS precipitation URMA product has been enhanced in offshore regions in transition zones between data coverage (e.g. MRMS and CMORPH) using a blending procedure to remove unphysical discontinuities. Do you find these changes/enhancements to the precipitation URMA useful? *
In this upgrade the snowfall analysis from NOHRSC has been added as a new product for the URMA. Do you find this snowfall analysis product useful? *
Further comments on the addition of the NOHRSC snowfall product
Do you find the new significant wave height product over Guam and Great Lakes regions to be useful? *
Further comments on waves:
A post-processing smoother was removed from the generation of the dewpoint product to address concerns about a moist bias. Have you noticed any improvement or degradation in the dewpoint analysis? *
Further comments on dewpoint:
In this upgrade the ceiling analysis was enhanced to include a consistency check with the sky cover analysis - removing ceiling where sky cover < 50%. Have you noticed any improvement in the ceiling analysis? *
Further comments on ceiling:
The sky cover analysis has been re-tuned and had additional enhancements made to quality control to address issues with erroneous clearing of clouds over water during low sun angle and overnight conditions. Have you detected an improvement in the sky cover analysis? *
Further comments on sky cover:
OCONUS: An updated background error for temperature and refined observation selection algorithm has been implemented for OCONUS domains with v2.8. Have you noticed an improved fit to observations in OCONUS domains, especially temperature in complex terrain, in this evaluation? *
Further comments on OCONUS RTMA/URMA fit to observations
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Any other comments about this evaluation or the system in general:
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