Senior Reflection/Brag Sheet 2020 - 2021
I want to write you a GREAT letter. Common AP schools and Scholarships read and value the voice of your wise counselor. This letter will be your admission ticket to your counselor interview, so get to writing!

For the letter, use third person voice and answer the prompts below, “Honey’s sweet nature allows everyone in her presence to feel a sense of belonging and love…” The more thoughtful and detailed your response, the better recommendation I can write.

Don't be afraid to BRAG! BRAG! BRAG!

Counselor *
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email: *
Phone Number *
Date Needed *
Letter of Rec Purpose: *
Top 5 Schools and why: *
Academic Ability: How have your demonstrated that you are prepared to do well on the college level? *
Leadership: This should not be a laundry list of the things you’ve done, but more about the type of leader you are. Describe your strengths and where have you have stepped up, whether it be in the classroom, a team, in your art, or in the family environment. These can be mini moments or bigger events. The key is the specificity and the insight around the topic. *
Community Involvement: What do you consider to be your community/ies? What have you done to contribute? What will you bring to your new college community? *
Resilience: What do you do when you hit an obstacle? You don’t have to go into detail about the obstacle if you don’t want, but speak to your ability to bounce back. *
Goals/objectives: Why college? Why private school, likely out of state? What do you want to do? Why should a school accept you? *
Fun and funny: What is something unique about you? How many miles did you drive to get to McCallum over your four years? What is a funny nickname you have in your friend group? This can be anything - but try to make it a unique and memorable details! *
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