Re-engaging with NRMTS
As you may know, the NRMTS management team and trustees are currently working to update and restructure the scholarship to keep it relevant and to ensure its ongoing financial viability.

As part of this effort, we're investigating the idea of aligning the scholarship along a number of themes. We hope this will allow potential partners in industry to recognise how the scholarship might be relevant to them, as well as providing clear avenues for alumni to re-engage with the scholarship according to their interests.

At this stage, we would really appreciate your input regarding whether/how a themed approach might encourage you to actively engage with the scholarship as a valued alumnus. We would therefore be very grateful if you could take five minutes to fill out the brief questionnaire below.

Before you begin, here are some important notes about how the proposed theme system might work:
1. The themes will be re-visited and updated annually to ensure that they remain relevant to the people and businesses of N2 (Nottingham and Nottinghamshire).
2. Businesses and organisations (and hopefully alumni too!) will align to a theme or themes and be invited to propose topics for scholars to investigate whilst in the US.
3. The themes will form the basis for an annual seminar, organised and hosted by the NRMTS management team and intended to showcase the scholarship as a thought leader across the themes. Each year, the theme of the seminar will be determined by the subject/s of that year's scholarship/s.
At present, we are considering aligning the scholarship according to some of the themes listed below. Please select any of the themes for which you have personal or professional interest or expertise. If a theme relevant to your experience is not listed below, please feel free to suggest another theme using the "other" option.
Below, we have outlined some possible options for alumni engagement with the scholarship through the proposed themed approach. Please indicate which of the options you might be interested in. Select all that apply, or enter any additional ideas using the "other" option.
If you have any comments regarding the proposed theme system, or indeed about the scholarship in general, please feel free to leave these below.
If you're happy to provide it, we would be very grateful if you would leave your name, scholarship year and a brief description of what you researched on your scholarship below.
Please also provide your email and/or contact telephone number if you are happy for us to follow up with you regarding your answers in this survey.
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