Donovan Elementary - Technology & Remote Learning Survey
Parents, please complete this survey if you have students currently in grades 6th - 12th. Thank you!
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Technology - Do you have reliable internet at home for online Remote Learning?
On a scale of 1-10 from your perspective, how is your student's academic experience going with Remote Learning?
What is the biggest factor(s) that prevents your student(s) from learning during Remote Learning Days?
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Approximately how many hours per day has your student(s) spent on academic work during Remote Learning Days?
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Do you feel like this number of hours daily is...
What resources could the school provide that would help your student(s) learn during Remote Learning Days?
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As a parent, what tips, advice, or other information do you need to improve your student's learning experience during Remote Learning days.
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What Remote Learning or school closure questions would you like to see answered by the school?
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