Pints for Paws Fundraising Event Application
ARTisans of Loudoun is supporting the Loudoun Community Cat Coalition with their annual Pints for Paws fundraiser
Event Date: Sunday, June 23rd (Outdoor Event)
Where: Vanish Brewery
When: 12pm - 4pm
Event Setup: 10:45am - 12pm, Event Teardown: 4pm - 5:15pm
Size of Space: 6ft Table Space (with some availability for additional room if needed)
Cost: $70.00
Payment: Please provide payment of $70.00 via PayPal to once you have received application approval. Payment must be provided within 48 hours of approval.
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Provide 4-5 Images which best showcase your items these will be used for approval and marketing
If you do not have a google account to upload images please email the images along with your receipt confirmation of this application to Your application cannot be approved without receipt of images via either this form or email.
Please indicate if you think you might need more than a 6ft table space
Note: Indication of additional space needed does not guarantee the additional space, we will try to accommodate as much as we can but may not be able to.
If you indicated yes to the above question please indicate what additional items you need space for.
Note: Indication of additional space needed does not guarantee the additional space, we will try to accommodate as much as we can but may not be able to.
Please read the following Terms and Conditions by choosing the Agree option you are agreeing to follow the rules of the event and abide by these Terms and Conditions *
The Vendor/Artisan agrees to abide by all event guidelines laid out in this document or in subsequent emails. The Vendor/Artisan agrees to stay for the duration of the event and will not start packing up items until the event end time or otherwise noted by ARTisans of Loudoun, if the vendor/artisan chooses to pack up early the vendor/artisan will not be able to participate in future events with ARTisans of Loudoun. The Vendor/Artisan agrees to attend both days of the festival unless given permission otherwise, failure to show up to both days of the event will result in being unable to attend future festival/events. Failure to show up without communciation for a festival/event results in not being able to participate in future festivals/events. The Vendor/Artisan takes responsibility for any damages or incidents that occur at his/her booth. The Vendor/Artisan is responsible for all tent/tables/chairs/additional items needed for the Vendor's space. Displays must be clean, organized, and neatly arranged at all times. Upon approval of the Vendor application Vendor/Artisan agrees to submit payment via paypal to within 2 business days to secure their spot. Displays must be manned by Vendor/Artisan at all times, Loudoun Community Cat Coalition, Vanish Brewery and ARTisans of Loudoun are not responsible for Vendor/Artisan items or merchandise.
Hold Harmless Agreement *
By selecting "Agree" vendor is agreeing to the following Hold Harmless Agreement: Vendor/Artisan shall and hereby indemnify and hold harmless ARTisans of Loudoun, Loudoun Community Cat Coalition and Vanish Brewery from and against all liabilities, fines, claims, damages and actions, of anyone whomsoever, including loss of life and injuries to persons, or loss of property, arising in whole or in part from performing the Service. Vendor/Artisan does hereby release the above parties on behalf of itself and of those persons under its direction and control from any and all liability whatsoever arising from delivery, installation, operation or removal of the Service.
Vendor/Artisan agrees to begin setup no earlier than 10:45 AM and complete Set Up by the start of the event at 12:00 PM. Vendor/Artisan agrees to begin Break Down no earlier than 4:00 PM and complete break down and removal of all items & merchandise by 5:15PM. I will clean up my space and remove any litter from my area. If not, I will pay a $25 cleanup fee. *
Cancellation Policy: This event is nonrefundable. If Vendor/Artisan is not able to attend the show or has to arrive late, partial refunds will not be provided. Vendors/Artisans are responsible to stay for the entire length of the event (unless ARTisans team considers an early shut down). Leaving early without proper permissions will result in you being excluded form the ability to participate in future events. *
Which option best describes your product *
Authentic and handmade attestation explanation
If you chose "Other" to describe your product please include a detailed a description below.
The Vendor/Artisan agrees that ARTisans of Loudoun and Loudoun Community Cat Coalition may take photographs and videos of booths, participants, and merchandise to use in marketing and promotional materials, including but not limited to social media *
I understand that there is not a rain/snow date for this event. In the event of a cancellation made only by ARTisans of Loudoun and Loudoun Community Cat Coalition due to dangerous weather, a refund will be issued for payment of the event. Refunds will not be issued if the Vendor/Artisan makes this determination. *
I understand that the ARTisans of Loudoun Team will be emailing me additional correspondences in regards to this event and the guidelines of the event. I am responsible for reading these emails and if I have any questions, I will contacts *
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