Sunday Gentle Yoga donation class 5 PM EST
Thank you for your interest in my online yoga class! The link for this class will stay the same every week.

100% of donations collected from this class go to support Black led organizations in the U.S. You can either send your donation to me and I will add your money to the group donation or you can donate directly yourself and still join us for the class. You will get the link for the current organization when I send the Zoom link for class.
Donations can be sent here: (please state the class date when you send your donation)
Venmo: Andrea-DiMaio-2

­čî▒All classes are size inclusive and are welcoming to all. Variations for poses are always given for those with different abilities. I am a teacher in a plus size body so variations and options for making poses work for you if you are also in a larger body will always be part of the practice. This is a supportive space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, queer, transgender and gender non-conforming folx.

­čî▒Suggested props:
(We may not use them every week, but good to have on hand.)
-two blocks/heavy books/heavy filled water bottles
-a folded blanket/small pillow
-a strap/belt/scarf/towel/dog leash
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