Meat Pre-order from Pike Schoolhouse Farm
Thank you for pre-ordering your meat though our small family farm! Our meat is raised as described on our website, we have estimates as to when the animal will be of appropriate size to butcher. For updates and details, call Brittany (916)872-7724. When they are ready to be processed, we transfer our live meat to a USDA butcher. Buyer will first pay Pike Schoolhouse Farm for the meat per pound (after gutted).Then the buyer will pay the butcher for their fees to butcher and cut/wrap meat. Buyer can (and should) directly contact the butcher and give the butcher specific instructions as to how you'd like your meat delivered to you.
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What are you pre-ordering? Deposit is required, and to be paid within 48 hours of invoice being sent.Thank you for understanding! *
I understand that I will have to pay Pike Schoolhouse Farm in full before butchering day, and I will pay the butcher when I pick up my meat. If I would like Brittany from PSF to pick my meat up for me, there is a delivery charge (charge varies depending on location). *
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