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📅Выберите удобные для вас дни занятий
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📋Какие курсы вас интересуют?
🚀Level 1
Are you going to the shops?
What’s your brother’s name?
Did you see Paula?
When were you at home?
How old was his father when he first jumped with a parachute?
Can I help you?
What’s Bob’s job?
What do you like?
Who is Susan?
✍️What do you usually do on holiday? Where do you go? What do you like doing? (write 4–7 sentences)
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🚀🚀Level 2
Why are you so angry?
What do you know about the Sahara Desert?
What do you think of this car?
What does your husband usually do at the weekend?
Hello, can I speak to Mel, please?
Are you going to the concert this weekend?
What are you dreaming of?
Where did you and Sam go yesterday?
Look! There’s a snake!
✍️What is there for tourists to do in your city? (write 4–7 sentences)
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🚀🚀🚀Level 3
Ok, give me a hint. What is it?
Are there any rules I should know about?
I’m thinking of losing weight. What should I do?
Do you have any questions?
You’re late again! What is it this time?
What does the word “hairdresser” mean?
Sorry? What did you say?
You don’t look too happy. Has anything happened?
Who’s that girl standing next to Mark over there?
✍️Write an essay on any topic
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