WCS Summer Players Signup Form
Fill this form before June 27th 0:00 CEST to apply for a slot in Group Stage 1 of WCS Summer 2019 held in Kiev, Ukraine. You will receive a response from StarLadder referee team about the status of your application before July 1st 12:00 CEST. Please contact starcraft@starladder.tv if you have any questions!
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Full Name *
Nickname *
Date of Birth *
You should meet the requirement to be at least 16 years old on the first full day of competition (July 12th) according to the WCS 2019 Ruleset - https://blizz.ly/2019WCSRuleset - Section 3.2
Country / Citizenship *
Your country should belong to the WCS Circuit Region according to the WCS 2019 Ruleset - https://blizz.ly/2019WCSRuleset - Section 4.4, Glossary
StarCraft II ingame race used for WCS Summer *
Battle.net StarCraft II Profile URL *
Team or individual sponsorship *
You MUST explicitly mention any kind of your / your team's restricted sponsorships (e.g. gambling websites or bookmakers) from https://blizz.ly/2019WCSRuleset - Section 6.10
Email and Social Networks *
Email is required. We would also appreciate your contact in Skype / Discord / Twitter, ideally - in all of them.
General Tournament and Travel Duties *
Keep in mind that you have to travel to Kiev on your own (or together with your legal guardian), arriving not later than on July 12th 9:00 AM local. You will need to bring all kind of peripherals (keyboard, mouse, in-ears, extension cables) and other essentials (ingame settings, music files on USB sticks) to the venue as you will be provided only with a computer and.a monitor with a limited internet access.
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