The 8th World Congress of Clinical Safety (8WCCS)
2 (Wed) - 4 (Sat) October 2019
Grand Majestic Plaza hotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Abstract as a poster or oral presentation should be submitted,
From 1 March 2019 to 31 May 2019 .

Abstract Topics (You may submit abstracts under the following topics)

Patient safety promotion / Patient safety first / Medication safety / Medical Engineering safety / Nursing safety / Clinical risk assessment / Clinical risk management, / Clinical risk communication / Clinical risk governance / Clinical crisis assessment / Clinical crisis management, / Clinical crisis communication / Clinical crisis governance / Improvement and Implementation Science for Quality and Safety / Improvement and Implementation Science for quantity and Safety / Safe and reliable care / Quality analysis of safety / Quantity analysis of safety / Human factors / Quality Care in Developing Countries and for Vulnerable Populations / Pursuing quality and safety in mental health care / Risky behavior and safety psychology / Decision making in safety / Structure and system management / Hospital accreditation and regulation - the challenges and lessons on overcoming them / Care Across the Continuum, Handovers and transitions of care / Health care management & Leadership / Surgical safety, preoperative risk management and Checklists /
Improvement of IT technology for clinical safety / IT & Clinical information safety / Big data analysis for clinical safety / AI for clinical safety / IoT for clinical safety / Risk and safety in medical device and alarms / Transparency and visualization of clinical risk in healthcare / Risk and safety in medical device and alarms / International perspectives for clinical safety / Patient and family centered care / Leading effective change / Improving population and community health /
Simulation and human factor for clinical safety / The impact of education, training and simulation on patient safety / Education and coaching for clinical safety / Improving Healthcare - Lessons from other industries / Patient participation in clinical safety / Voice of patient /Writing for publication - how to publish quality improvement reports and research / Safety culture in healthcare and group medicine / Others

Submission Guidelines:
- Keyword maximum: 5
- Presentation type (Oral/Poster)

Terms and Conditions of Submission:
1) If accepted the presenting author must register to attend the conference
2) Last date for submission is as the above. An email confirmation of receipt will be sent within 24 hours.
3) Previously printed work is not permitted. Submission of abstract implies that the paper has not been published anywhere else, in any language.
4) Abstract selection will consider the quality of the study and demonstration of the abstract's relevance to the conference themes.
5) Please note the number of posters is limited and the selection panel decision is finally performed by the Program Committee.
6) If selected to display your poster, authors are required to make their poster available as a pdf. file for posting on the IARMM website.
7) The winners and highly commended poster prize winners are expected to be available to write a short report for the IARMM to use in their publication.
8) The submitter will be notified of the decision of the selection panel by email
The decision of the panel is final.
9) Accepted abstracts will be reproduced in the printed and online program.
10) When your abstract is accepted as a poster or oral presentation at the Congress, so you can submit your full paper for publication in the IARMM official journal 'Journal of medical safety', if you want to publish.
To download further information from
11) A presenter whose abstract is accepted should pay the registration fee till 30 June 2019.
Registration fee
The registration form will be avaliable from 1th May 2019 at the conference homepage.

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