Community, Parent and Neighborhood Statement of Support for Chicago Teachers
It appears likely that the Chicago Public Schools administration’s irresponsible delays in meaningful negotiations will again force the 23,000 members of the Chicago Teachers Union out on strike, for the second time in four years. Chicago teachers and staff have been working without a contract for more than a year—since July 1, 2015—and their union has been negotiating in good faith with CPS.

We, community, parent, and neighborhood groups throughout the city of Chicago, support the Chicago Teachers Union’s demands for lower classroom sizes, funding for special education teachers, an end to the chaos of constant teacher and staff layoffs, no cuts in compensation, and for well-funded, quality, stable neighborhood schools. The working conditions of our teachers are the learning conditions for Chicago's children.

Poll after poll over the past four years has shown that CPS parents and Chicagoans side with the teachers. Most recently, in a February 2016 poll, three times as many Chicagoans sided with the teachers union as with Mayor Rahm Emanuel on how to improve public schools.*

We call on the CPS administration and Mayor Emanuel to bargain a contract acceptable to Chicago students, parents, and teachers. If that does not happen, we will stand with the Chicago Teachers Union during a strike.

* “Teachers union has triple the public support of Emanuel,” February 4, 2016 Chicago Tribune, at Also see “Tribune poll: Voters give Emanuel low marks on his school policies,” August 15, 2014 Chicago Tribune at

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