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Thank you for your interest in a kitten or cat from Amiryck.

It is important to note that this is not a "booking form". We want to meet our prospective feline owners before we agree to them having an Amiryck baby. The reason for this form is to make sure we get an idea of what you are looking for in a format easy for us to visualise. We hope you don't find it too formal since the purpose of it is to keep us organised! We still want to hear all about you - and it is important to us that we do. You have the opportunity to write plenty about yourself in the form and we still welcome emails if you want to give us extra information and to ask us questions - Please feel free to email and ask us questions and find out more about us before filling this in.

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Initially we are just imterested in your rough location. We will obviously need your full address if you eventually have a cat/kitten from us.
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Are you looking for a particular colour cat/kitten?
You can select as many variations as you like and can give us more details below. You can see a variety of colours on our website under "About the breed". Don't worry if you don't know or can't work out the grid just tell us more below.
Colourpointed (Self)
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Black (self)/brown (tabby)/seal (pointed)/ Golden
Black tortie
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Here you can give us more details about the colour you are looking for.
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Will your cat be a house cat?
We always recommend keeping your cat in at the minimum overnight.
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We are keen to know more so here is your opportunity to tell us everything you think we may like to know! If you would rather send us an email with more information just let us know below.
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