Carolina Therapy Connection Client Satisfaction Survey
How long have you been/were you seen by a therapist from Carolina Therapy Connection?
My appointment for a physical/occupational/speech therapy evaluation and treatment was scheduled quickly.
The clinic scheduled appointments at convenient times.
How professional are the staff at Carolina Therapy Connection?
My privacy was/is respected during my physical/occupational/speech therapy care.
I was seen promptly when I arrived for treatment.
If your child is seen in the home, please answer the following: My therapist arrived promptly for the treatment/evaluation session.
During your therapy visits, does/did your therapist listen carefully to you?
During your therapy visits, does/did your therapist explain things in a way that are easy to understand?
My therapist understood my problem/condition/concerns.
The instructions my therapist gave were helpful and clear.
I was confident in the skills of my therapist.
The therapist provided person-centered and family-centered care.
For example, I participated in the decisions about my child's goals and treatment. My values and beliefs for my care were respected.
How effective has treatment been for your child/family?
Not Effective At All
Extremely Effective
How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the amount of time your therapist spends/spent with you addressing your needs?
Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of my physical/occupational/speech therapy care.
I would return to this clinic if my child required physical/occupational/speech therapy care in the future.
How likely is it that you would recommend Carolina Therapy Connection to a friend or colleague?
Not likely at all
Extremely Likely
We always welcome your thoughts! Please provide us with any comments or suggestions for improving our services.
Thank you for your honest opinions!
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