#askTVE 2019
As part of TVE's community led curatorial approach to the selection of works that will be screened as part of our 2019 programme, we invite input from those living in the Caribbean and its diaspora to share their thoughts on what is happening right now in the areas of video art and film in their region.
Which country/city in the Caribbean or its diaspora do you live in?
Are you familiar with any films/documentaries made by Caribbean filmmakers within the last 5 years?
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If "yes," please share some names of the recent films and their filmmakers if known
Are you familiar with video art/new media work made within the last 5 years by Caribbean artists?
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If "yes," please share the artists' names and some titles of any recent, notable pieces you may recall
What kinds of topics or themes would you be interested in seeing more of in Caribbean films/video art pieces?
What kinds of venues/screening spaces would you be interested in visiting to view local/regional films or video art installations?
TVE 2019 is being held in collaboration with arts spaces in Beijing, China. Are you familiar with any recent Chinese films or video/new media artists?
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If "yes," please list the films/shows/artist names
Would you be interested in learning more about the video and film works coming out of China, or foreign filmmaking/video art/new media on the whole?
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Please feel free to share any other thoughts or comments relating to film/video art/new media in your region
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