Wevolver Labs Research
Wevolver Labs is a series research and development experiments carried out directly with the Wevolver community to quickly validate hypotheses, run BETA tests, and get feedback in order to improve our software.

We invite you to help us test and build exciting new tools with the aim of making hardware development easier and more effective for everyone.

*All questions are completely optional and can be skipped.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at cameron@wevolver.com.

What is your educational and professional background?
For example: "BSc in Electrical Engineering and MSc in Electronics and Telecommunication. Based in Beijing, China. Founded Boston Dynamics in 2012 after graduating from the University of Tokyo, Japan. Previously worked at Microsoft for five years as a software developer."
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What design software do you use for hardware development?
For example: "Solidworks for mechanical engineering, KiCAD for PCB design."
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Do you use a version control system for design files?
For example: "Yes, everything is version controlled through GitLab."
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Do you experience any challenges working with version control?
For example: "Yes, my existing system is very complex and required a long training process."
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Team Members
How many members are in your team and what are their roles?
For example: "The team consists of 12 members, three software developers, one designer, two marketeers, four mechanical engineers, two electronic engineers."
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How do you share design files with your team members?
For example: "We use Google Drive to share files internally, some parts of the code are also shared on Github."
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Do you experience any challenges with sharing design files?
For example: "Yes, I 3D printed the previous version of an STL file after it was sent to me by mistake. This caused delays in testing the latest version."
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How is design file feedback exchanged between team members?
For example: "Notes from face-to-face meetings are shared in a Google Drive folder. Sometimes we use WhatsApp."
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Does important feedback ever get lost?
For example: "Yes. Sometimes team members forget to document feedback shared verbally."
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Do you visually review the board layout file before manufacturing?
For example: "Yes, we visually inspect the board layout file before manufacturing to verify that it is the correct version."
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Do you use Bill of Materials (BoM) management tools or software?
For example: "For BoM management we use Excel for mechanical parts and Altium for electronic components."
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Do you experience any challenges with BoM management?
For example: "Ensuring that BoM components are available is time consuming."
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How do you communicate and share design files with manufacturers?
For example: "We email files to Chinese manufacturers as a zipped folder and communicate via Skype."
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What file formats do you share with manufacturers?
For example: "We share .DFX and .XLS files with manufacturers."
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Do you experience any challenges when sharing design files with manufacturers?
For example: "Yes, Chinese manufacturers can’t access our shared Google Drive so we have to send design files via email."
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Additional Notes
Are there any significant challenges that you have faced during the hardware development process that you would like to share?
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Optional: Email Address
If you would like to participate in Wevolver Labs BETA tests and learn more about the results of this research, please provide your email address below and we will be in touch.
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