Israeli mental health professionals’ statement regarding the recent events in Gaza

We invite mental health professionals around the world to sign, by filling the form below, the following statement, which was initiated by the members of the Israeli group Psychoactive - Mental Health Professionals for Human Rights (for the Hebrew version and the list of the Israeli Mental Health Professionals signed, please follow the link )

As members of Psychoactive - Mental Health Professionals for Human Rights, we wish to join our colleagues from the Arab Psychological Association in condemning the Israeli military activity within the Gaza Strip and the massive sniper fire that was directed at unarmed protesters during the Great Return March in Gaza. We express our deep sorrow for the hurt inflicted on Palestinian protesters and are gravely concerned about the disastrous physical and psychological consequences of the massive use of arms against unarmed people.

The events in Gaza have taken place in the context of a continuous siege that has severely limited the residents’ freedom of movement and their political rights, in addition to reducing their access to drinkable water, electricity and medical treatment. On the backdrop of the grave suffering caused by these conditions, and the lack of prospects for a better future, many Gazan Palestinians feel the need to resist even if that means risking their lives. In situations of continuous oppression, witnessing and validation of the traumatic experiences are of great importance. When the suffering is not recognized, the psychological damage is likely to be particularly pervasive. We therefore urge mental health professionals everywhere to inquire into the living conditions in besieged Gaza. Understanding what life is like under siege is indispensable for understanding the Palestinian resistance.

As mental health professionals, we know that ongoing exposure to warfare and extreme stress is bound to be destructive for the physical and the psychological health of the people of Gaza. In particular, the children of Gaza, whose entire lives have been shaped by repeated traumatization, deprivation and loss, are bound to grow up feeling deep despair.

We must acknowledge that as – Jewish-Israeli society – we bear a great deal of the responsibility for the suffering of the Palestinians and that our actions as well as our silent complicity have helped deepen and perpetuate their despair. We also need to heavily ponder the way in which our society endangers the mental health of the Israeli young people who, as soldiers, are delegated to carry out the policies of the occupation and siege, including live fire at unarmed protesters who pose no threat to them. We are exposing these young adults to the deleterious psychological effects of being perpetrators of violence, including the likelihood of developing PTSD.

In addition to traumatizing Israeli soldiers, the policies of occupation and siege cause broad harm to the Israeli society, by encouraging dehumanization of others and dissociation from their suffering. We warn against heavy reliance by our society on the psychological mechanisms of splitting and projection, which makes it difficult for us as individuals and the collective to feel compassion or empathy for the Palestinians in Gaza and take responsibility for our actions and inaction. These mechanisms, when extensively used, are dangerous on both the intrapsychic and social levels.

We urge all mental health professionals in Israel and around the world to join us in viewing this situation as one that requires our ethical involvement and to raise their voices in clear opposition to the occupation and siege, decrying their disastrous consequences for both Palestinians and Israelis. We hope that it may be possible to recognize the evil that is within us, instead of projecting it fully onto the other and maintaining security and comfort while only a short distance away from us, nearly two million men, women, children and infants are experiencing unimaginable suffering, both physical and mental.

In the name of Psychoactive, the undersigned:

Abu Haq Manal, MSW, Psychotherapist
Amir Varda, Social Worker
Amitay Gila, PhD, Senior Expert Lecturer, Dept. of Criminology, Yezreel Valley College
Ariel Galor Noga, Expressive Art Therapist, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Bashan Itamar, Clinical Psychologist
Ben Asher Ruth, Clinical Psychologist and Family and Couple Therapist
Benbassat Naomi, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Benzer Naomi, Clinical Psychologist
Biran Hanni, Clinical psychologist, Psychoanalyst
Birmanns Bettina, MD
Blass Oren, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist
Blum Varda, Psychotherapist
Buksbaum Tova, Senior Clinical Psychologist
Bustan Dorit, Clinical Psychologist
Chaitin Julia, PhD, Social Psychologist, School of Social Work, Sapir College
De Malach Noeet, Educational Psychologist and Family Therapist
Deutsch Yvonne, Social Worker and Therapist
Dotan Katz Iris, Clinical & Organizational Psychologist
Fruchtman Michal, School Psychologist and Family Therapist
Gaber Olga, Clinical Psychology MA student
Gam Edna, PhD, Psychotherapist
Gasko Ayala, Rehabilitation Psychologist
Gilad Lior, Clinical Psychologist
Gordon Bar Sunny, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach
Prof. Greenbaum Charles W., PhD, Developmental Psychologist
Gurny Dorit, Social Worker and Psychotherapist
Prof. Hadar Uri, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Helman Iris, Educational Psychologist
Hemo Neta, MSW, Psychotherapist
Hochstein Naama, Clinical Psychologist
Horesh Tsvia, Music Therapist
Kalai Sara, PhD, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst
Katz Yitzi, LCSW
Khenin Yael, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst
Komem Sharona, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Kontorovsky Ira, MA in Clinical Psychology
Ladin Gorkin Dafna, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst
Lakh Elana, PhD, Jungian Art Psychotherapist
Landsman Moshe, PhD, Psychologist
Tamar Lavi, Ph.D, Educational Psychologist
Levinger Miriam, PhD, Social Worker
Lippin Naomi, Psychotherapist
Livni Tamar, Drama therapy MA student
Lobel Hagai Hagit, MSW, Psychotherapist
Lowenstein Bati, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist
Manor Sima, Clinical Psychologist
Marton Ruchama, MD, Psychiatrist
Melamed Shuvit, Social Worker in Mental Health
Mendelson Yitzhak, Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist
Mendelson Machnes Anat, Psychotherapist
Metzer Sara, Social Worker, Psychotherapist and Organizational Consultant
Peled Shlomit, Psychologist, Social Worker
Perroni Emilia, Clinical Psychologist
Plat Arie, Organization Counselor
Rapoport Esther, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Raz Ayelet, Clinical Psychologist
Rine Perle, Clinical Psychologist
Rokach Rachel, PhD, Supervising Clinical Psychologist
Rosenthal Lirona, Clinical and Counseling Psychologist
Sar-Shalom Mochiach Yael, Music & Movement Therapist
Schachter Dan, Clinical Psychologist
Schur Orna, Clinical Psychologist
Seligman Zivya, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Senesh David, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Shapira Kineret, Clinical Psychology Intern
Shapiro Adella, Clinical Psychology Intern
Shelach-Lavi Yael, Clinical Psychologist
Shrem Daniel Yinon, Photo Therapist
Shvero Tal, MSW, Psychotherapist Instructor
Silberman Silvia, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Organizational consultant
Sosevsky Bella, MSW, Psychotherapist
Tal Liron, Clinical Psychologist
Tal-Barzilai Yael, Clinical psychology Intern
Todar Goldin Miki, Clinical Psychologist, Group Analyst
Tor Elita, Social Worker, Psychotherapist
Ullman Chana, PhD, Clinical psychologist and Training Psychoanalyst
Wardimon Shaily, MSW, Psychotherapist
Weishut Daniel, Clinical Psychologist
Yuval Kim, Psychologist
Zahavi Arnona, Clinical psychologist and Psychoanalyst
Ziv Effi, MSW, PhD, Psychotherapist

Mental health professionals around the world (the list is being continuously updated):

Avigail Abarbanel, Psychotherapist, Scotland
Nour Abed, Clinical and Educational psychologist, Israel
Mohammed Abu Mughaiseeb, Doctor, Gaza
Mary Adams, Psychoanalyst, UK
Roya Afsharzadegan, Clinical Psychologist, England
Ken Agar-Newman, Retired nurse, Canada
Bilal Ahmed, MBBS/Mental health practitioner, Pakistan
Melissa Albany, Clinical Psychologist , United Kingdom
Hadeel Ali, Counseling Psychology Ph.D student, United States
Nimrod Allon, Compassionate Care, UK
Sara Alsaraf, Drama Therapist and Psychiatrist, United Kingdom
Charlotte Amazon, Art Psychotherapist, France
Rachel Ambrose, Registered Mental Health Nurse, England
Jessica Anthony, Mental Health Therapist, United States
Aleem Ashraf, Clinical Psychologist, Pakistan
Jenny Åström, auxiliary psychiatric nurse, Sweden
Nicholas Auerbach, Licensed mental health counselor, United States
Richard Bagnall-Oakeley, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Carl Bagnini , Psychoanalytic Social Work, United States
Teresa Bailey, Child Psychotherapist, UK
Susan Anne Baird, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Scotland
Barbara Barbara Buloff, Psychotherapist, USA
Patrick Barber, Mental Health Support Worker, England
Noa Barhaim, Psychiatrist, Israel
Ramy Barhouche, Conflict Transformation - PeaceBuilding, Lebanon
Diana Bass, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist , United Kingdom
Andy Bateman, Therapist and Lecturer, United Kingdom
Raquel Beard, Speech Language Pathologist, USA
Saima Beigh, Research Scholar, India
Habte Belete , Psychiatry nursing , Ethiopia
Matthew Bell, Psychotherapist, UK
Miriam Ben Rafael, Clinical Psychologist, Israel
Tammy Ben Shaul, Clinical psychologist/psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Australia
Stephen Benson, Psychologist, United States
Deborah Berger, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Berger, Child Psychiatrist, USA
Tone Bjelland Grønvold, Clinical psychologist, Norway
David Black, Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Chris Blacktop, Registered Mental Health Nurse, UK
Simon Blair, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, UK
Ofra Bloch, Psychoanalyst, USA
Trudy Bond, Psychologist, United States
Bonnie Bonnie Lawlor, chaplain, United States
Aladin Jr. Borja, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Specialist, Iraq
Mark Bortz, Clinical Psychologist, Israel
Steve Botticelli, Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, US
Ghislaine Boulanger, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, USA
Victor Braitberg, Professor, United States
Judith Bram Murphy, Clinical Psychologist, USA
Cynthia Brink, Social Worker/Psychoanalyst, USA
Erica Brostoff, Research Psychologist, UK
Donald Brown, Psychiatrist, United States
Lara Bshara, Master Social Worker, U.S.A
Sarah Buckley, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Janette Bucy, Psychotherapist, United States
Charlotte Burck, Family therapist, UK
Shelley Burns, Psychotherapist, Duvall, WA USA
Helga Busemann, Social Worker (retired), United States
Jim Byrne, PhD, Lifestyle Counselor, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Maria Canete, Psychotherapist, Group Analyst, United Kingdom
Judith Capili, Psychotherapist, USA
Silvia María Carrera Castro, Clinical Psychologist, Costa Rica
David Carter, Family Social Worker (Rtd), UK
Josiane Cassini, Infirmière de secteur psychiatrique, France
Nerina Cecchin, Jungian psychotherapist, Italy
Monika Celebi, Psychotherapist & video interaction guider, United Kingdom
Karen Chance, Social Worker, England, UK
Marco Chiesa, Psychiatrist, United Kingdom
Abram and Susan, Chipman, Clinical Psychologists, USA
Tameeka Christian, Community Development, United States
Miles Clapham, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist - retired, United Kingdom
Anne Clarkin, Occupational Therapist, Ireland
Mardge Cohen, MD, United States
Sheila Colon, LCSW, United States
Sarah Conn, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Elizabeth Corpt, Psychoanalyst, USA
Rod Cox Filmaker: Loss of Innocence - Children's Art in Gaza, UK
Catherine Cronin, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, England
Diane Cunningham, Pschoanalytic Psychotherapist, UK
Karim Dajani, Psychoanalyst, USA
Emily Damronת LCSW, Psychoanalyst, United States
Dilys Daws, Child Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Isolde de Vries, MD, Psychoanalyst, Germany
Felicity De Zulueta, Emeritus Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy, United Kingdom
Razia Dean, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Elizabeth Deligio, Social Justice Coordinator, United States of America
Sonia Dettmann, Clinical Social Worker, USA
Aidan Devine, Clinical Psychologist, Ireland
Felix Diaz, Associate Professor in Psychology, Spain
Jenny Donovan, Psychotherapist, United States
Iben Driffield, Dramatherapist, United Kingdom
Niquie Dworkin, Psychologist, USA
Stacy Earl, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom
Liz Edwards, Psychotherapist, Australia/UK
Omer Elad, Social worker, USA
Joshua Eldridge, Clinical Psychologist in Training , England
Nabila Espanioly, Psychologist, Israel
Vx Evan, Psychologist, United States
Mona Ezzat-AbuHamda, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Rebecca Fadil, Psychotherapist, USA
Noor Falah, Psychologist, Israel
Ruth Fallenbaum, Psychologist, United States
Mandy Fealy, Organisational Psychologist, Italy
Annette Feld Groag, Psychoanalyst, Israel
Ruth Finar, Psychotherapist, UK
William Flack, Clinical Research Psychologist, USA
Caroline Flaster, Clinical Psychologist, Spain
Genessey Flint, PhD Student, Developmental Psychology, United States
David Forbes, PhD, Counselor/educator, USA
Heather Formaini, Jungian psychoanalyst, Italy
Lene Forrester, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, UK
Michael Foulkes, Family psychotherapist, UK
lynn Alicia Franco, Jungian Psychoanalyst, USA
Danielle Frank, Social Worker, Psychotherapist, United States
Wendy Franks, ClinPsyD & PhD, Clinical Psychologist , United Kingdom
David Freeman (Rabbi), Jungian Analyst, UK
Nathalie Friel, Dramatherapist, UK
Jillian Froebe, Ordained Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Director, United States
Milton Fuentes, Psychologist, USA
Colm Gallagher, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Edward Gardner, MA, Therapist, UK
Grzegorz Giertner, Social worker, psychotherapist, Austria
Mary Gillham, Counsellor, United Kingdom
Michael Glenn, Retired psychiatrist, United States
Arielle Goodman, Social Worker, United States
Frances Gorman, Retired Mental Health Social Worker, UK
Marcus Gottlieb, Psychotherapist, UK
Donna Gould, Psychologist, United States
Lorraine Grant, Social Worker, LICSW, United States
Brandon Gray, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Tova Green, Social Worker, USA
Anja Gruden, Social psychologist, Slovenia
Susan Gutwill, AbD LCSW, Psychotherapist and activist, USA
Stuart Guy, Registered Mental Health Nurse, England
Glenn H Fleisch, Psychotherapist, USA
Orna Hadary, Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, UK
Edith Hargreaves, Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Anna Harvey, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Social Work, UK
Neil Harrison, Art Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Talia Hatzor, Psychologist, USA
Sarah Hawes, Primary Mental Health Worker / Health Visitor ( retired), UK
Iris Hefets, Psychoanalyist, Germany
Birgitta Heiller, Psychologist, UK
Jenny Heinz, Psychotherapist, United States
Arthur Heiserman, Psychologist, United States
Deborah Hellerstein, Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst, USA
Cathy Henschel-McGerry, MA, LMHC, LMFT, Psychotherapist, United States
Gottfried M. Heuer, PhD, Jungian Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Gretchen Heyer, Jungian psychoanalyst, USA
Scott Hill, Independent Scholar, Sweden
Karen Hixson, Licensed Professional Counselor, United States
Irwin Z Hoffman, Psychologist-Psychoanalyst, USA
Robert Howard, Professor of Psychiatry, England
Peter Hughes, Psychiatrist, UK
Noelle Hurd, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Michael Hutchins, Retired professional counselor, USA
Julian Ibanez de Opacua, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Spain
Charlotte Ingham, Clinical Psychologist, England
Charlotte Ingham, Clinical Psychologist, England
Kiran Ishfaq, PhD, Senior Clinical psychologist, Pakistan
Michael Jackson, Clinical Psychology, U.S.A.
Lynne Jacobs, Psychologist, USA
Scott James, Patient Rights Adviser (Mental Health), Australia
Delores Jankovich, Social Work, United States
Aleksandra Jeremić, Psychologist, psychodrama psychotherapist under supervision, Serbia
Ellen Lewis, Psychiatrist, United States
Riva Joffe, Psychotherapist, UK
Peter Johnsonת Ph.D., Retired Clinical Psychologist, Canada
Marianne Joiner-Hughes, Psychoanalyst, Art Therapist, United States
Ali Jones, Psychotherapist, UK
Kelly Jordan, Dramatherapy, UK
Jessica Joy, MA Psychology, Counseling Specialization, United States
Michal Kaiser-Livne, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Germany
Sarah Kamens, PhD, Psychologist, United States
Elizabeth Kandall, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, United States
Justin Karter, MA, Community Psychology, USA
Ivy Katz, Licensed professional counselor, USA
Victoria Kaufman, Social worker, Israel
Aidan Kelly, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Martin Kemp Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Marianne Kennedy, Psychologist and Psychotherapist, Australia
Jane Kenner, Psychologist, United States
Garry Kent, Mental health nurse (retired), UK
Georgios Kesisoglou, Psychologist - Family Therapist, Greece
Ameerah Khan, Psychologist, United Kingdom
Noura Khayat, Clinical Psychology, United States
Lama Khouri, Psychotherapist , United States
Leslie Khoury, LMHC, Therapist, United States
Alan Kintzer, Psychologist, US
Joseph Klinkov, Clinical Social Work, USA
Steven Knoblauch, Psychologist, USA
Deborah Kory, Psychologist, United States
Nancy Kurshan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, US
Lynne Kwalwasser, Psychologist, USA
Andrew Lagomasino, Psycbologist and Psychoanalyst, USA
Antonio Karim Lanfranchi, Jungian Analyst, Italy / Egypt
Phil Lapworth, Psychotherapist, UK
Lynne Layton, Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, USA
Aslem Lazaar Selimi, Psychologist, Tunisia
Ann Lazaroff Psychotherapist/Licensed Mental Health Counselor, USA
Bridget le Huray, Retired nurse, UK
Lynn Leibowitz, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Hilary Lester, Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Susanne Levin, Psychotherapist, UK
Gail Lewis, Psychotherapist, UK
Sarah Littler, Mental Health Nurse, UK
Glenys Lobban, Psychoanalyst, USA
Ed Lord, Mental Health Nurse Research Fellow, Wales/Cymru
Agron Loxha, Retired, Kosoves/Albanian, UK
Anna Ludvigsen, Psychiatrist & MBCT teacher, UK
Anna Luntinen, MD, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist Finland
Hilary Maddux, Social Worker, Psychotherapist/Psychoanalyst, United States
Brooke Maddux, Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, France
Greg Madison, PhD, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
John Majer, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology, USA
Helen Malson, Associate Professor of Social Psychology, UK
Gergana Manolova, Clinical Psychologist, Bulgaria
Fanchette Marguerat Degaard, Clinical Psychologist, USA
Sofia Marques Manata, Psychologist, Canada
Elizabeth Martindale, Tutor on Counselling Certificate course, United Kingdom
Carola Mathers, Jungian Analyst, United Kingdom
Pratibha Maurya, Teaching psychology, India
Rachel Max, Social worker, retired, Israel
Rufus May, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom
Mairead Mc Clelland, Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor, Canada
Sandy McAfee, Clinical Psychologist, Scotland
Walter McGerry, Psychotherapist, USA
Eamon Mcmahon, Retired Psychotherapist, Ireland
Dennis Merritt, Jungian Analyst, USA
Rael Meyerowitz, Psychoanalyst, United Kingdom
Priya Midhun, Mental Health Nurse, India
Petya Milcheva, Psychologist, United Kingdom
Beatrice Millar, Therapist, United Kingdom
Tracey Miller, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Ronna Milo Haglili, Clinical Psychology Doctorate Student, Israel
Luke Mitcheson, Clinical psychologist, UK
Emilio Modena, Psychoanalyst and Psychiatrist, Switzerland
Abebe Muche Moges, Neuroscience, Ethiopia
Elizabeth Mongillo-Herman, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Alex Monk, Integrative arts psychotherapist, U.K.
LB Moore, Mental Health Counselor, USA
David Morgan, Consultant Psychotherapist /Psychoanalyst, UK
Elena Morris, Senior Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom
Karon Motley Croswell, Community Psychologist, USA
Amy Muga, Counselor, Philippines
Maya Mukamel, PhD, Psychologist, United Kingdom
Ingrid Munkhammar, Socialworker, Germany
Kathleen Murphy, Psychologist, Ann Arbor Michigan, USA
Kate Murphy, Psychologist/Psychotherapist, Australia
Karen Naifeh, Clinical Psychologist, USA
Erika Nanes, LMFT, United States of America
Ellen Nasper, Clinical Psychologist, USA
Juliet Newbigin, Psychotherapist, U.K.
Evangelos Ntontis, PhD, Researcher, University of Sussex, UK
Margarita Núñez, Terapeuta de lenguaje, México
Patricia O'Connor, Professor, United States
Chris O'donnell, Psychotherapist, UK
James Ogilvie, Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, United States
Brad Olson, Associate Professor, United States
Ronda Oswalt Reitz, Psychologist, USA
Yoane Otten, Assistante sociale en santé mentale, Belgique
Salvatore Palidda, Professor of Genua University, Italy
Robert Parker, Psychologist, USA
Niki Parker, Child&Adolescent Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Marianne Parsons, Child and Adult psychoanalyst, UK
Anastasia Patrikiou, Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Henrik Pelling, Child Psychiatrist, Sweden
Mary Pelton Cooper, Clinical Psychologist, USA
Diane Perlman, PhD, Clinical & Political Psychologist, Mediator, Conflict Analyst, USA
Roderick Peters, Jungian Analyst, United Kingdom
Megan Petrucelli, Marriage and Family Therapist, USA
Tomasz Pierscionek, Psychiatrist, UK
Eliana Pinto, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Stephen Portuges, Psychologist/Psychoanalyst, United States of America
Randolph Potts, Licensed Psychologist, USA
Dakari Quimby, Clinical Psychologist, United States
Bigna Rambert, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Switzerland
Patricia Ramos Costa, Nurse, Brazil
Maria Reatiga, Psychologist, Colombia
Pat Reid, Psychotherapist/Counselor, France
Sigrun Reilly, Psychotherapist, UK
Kaija Reiss, Clinical Social Worker, US
Anthony Rella, Psychotherapist, USA
Alvaro Rey de Castro, Psychoanalyst, Peru
María Isabel Reyes, Community Psychology, Chile
Sally Riggs, Psychologist, USA
Niveen Rizkalla, Trauma researcher and therapist, United States
Chris Robertson, Psychotherapist, England
Warren Robin, Retired Counselor, UK
Brian Robinson, MD, Retired Psychiatrist, UK
Thelma Robinson, Retired Clinical Psychologist (Children), UK
Kirsten Rogg, Psychomotoric physical therapist, Norway
Jacqueline Roller, Psychologist, United States
Joan Rothchild Hardin, Psychologist, United States
Marianne Saadeh, MHP and intern child psychotherapist, Bethlehem, oPt
Nikki Sachs, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, United States of America
Andrew Samuels, Professor of Analytical Psychology, UK
Dragana Sanders, Counselling Psychologist, UK
Robert Sandgrund, Social Worker, United States
Meg Sandow, Clinical Psychologist, US
Skye Saveson, Psychotherapist, United States
Andrea Sbarbaro, Psychologist, Italy
Maggie Schaedel, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, UK
Marjorie Scheer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, United States
Ilona Schewtschuk, Psychology Student, Germany, Jordan
Christine Schmidt, Clinical Social Worker, Psychoanalyst, USA
Tamar Rahmani Schonfield, Psychoanalyst, UK
Amy Ramsay, Researcher, King's College London, UK
Julia Ryde, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, UK
Elizabeth Schulz, Clinical Psychologist, Canada
Brian Schwartz, Career and Life Design Psychologist, China
Carolyn Schwebel, EdD, School Psychologist, Ret., USA
Naomi Scott, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Lynne Segal, Professor, Psychosocial Studies, United Kingdom
Colleen Semple, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, United States
Melissa Serafin, Graduate student, United States
Megan Serrano, Social Worker, U.S.A.
Sofi Shahwan-Dalal, Group Psychotherapist, Israel
Sharon Gadberry, Psychologist, United States of America
Alice Shaw, Psychologist, United States
Guy Shennan, Social worker and therapist, UK
Kate Shirley, Counselor, USA
Shaheen Shora, Consultant Psychiatrist, United Kingdom
Deborah Silver Psychoanalyst, USA
Gurmanjit Singh Gurman, Social Worker, India
Tod Sloan, Professor of Psychology, United States
Benita Smith, Retired LCSW, United States
Stephen Soldz, Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, United States
David Sperlinger, Clinical Psychologist, UK
Adena Steinberg, Psychologist, US
Cynthia Stentz, Psychotherapist, USA
Helen Stone, Psychotherapist, UK
Martin Stone, Jungian analyst, United Kingdom
Michael Swadling, Clinical Psychologist, Australia
Nilly Szor, Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst, Israel
Anne Tacon, MH Nurse, New Zealand
Eric Taylor, Psychotherapist, Scotland
Philip Thomas, Writer / retired psychiatrist, UK
Stella Thomas, Psychiatric nurse, UK
Pauline Thompson-Guerin, Psychology Professor, USA
Ellen Tibby, Psychologist, United States
Sami Timimi, Psychiatrist, UK
Lenore Tipping, Psychologist, United States
Lydia Tischler, Child Psychotherapist, U.K
Joanne Tortorici Luna, Psychologist, U.S.A.
James Traub, Psychotherapist, U.S.
Alessandro Treves, Neuroscientist, Italy
Rachel Tribe, Trainee Clinical Psychologist, England
David Trimble, Psychologist, USA
Usha Tummala-Narra, Psychologist, United States
Ron Unger, Therapist and Educator, USA
Cees van Dijk, Support worker, United Kingdom
Christine van Duuren, Psychotherapist, UK
John van Eenwyk, Clinical Psychologist, Episcopal Priest, Jungian Analyst, United States of America
Melody Velez, Social worker, LMSW United States
Theodore Wachtel, Counselor/educator, USA
Khalil Wahdan, Social Worker, Palestine, Ramallah
Phyllis Watts, PhD, Social/Clinical Psychologist, USA
Morgan Watson, Psychotherapist, United States
Richard Waugaman, Psychoanalyst and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University, United States
Martin Weegmann, Clinical psychologist and group analyst, Britain
Jeremy Weinstein, Psychotherapist, UK
Patrick Welch, PhD candidate clinical psychology, Canada
Shula Wilson, Psychotherapist, UKCP, U.K.
Suzanne Wilson, Clinical Psychologist, United Kingdom
Marion Winslow, Integrative Psychotherapist, United Kingdom
Robert Withers, Jungian analyst, UK
Naomi Woodspring, Critical Gerontology - Researcher, United Kingdom
Mageela Yafai, Community psychiatric nurse, United Kingdom
Mageela Yafai, Registered Mental Health Nurse, United Kingdom
Salma Yaqoob, Psychotherapist, UK
Rachel Young, Psychotherapist, UK
Heba Zaphiriou-Zarifi, Jungian Analytical Psychologist, UK
Emad Zetawi Resident psychiatry, Bethlahem
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