Swansea Science Festival Proposals
The first Swansea Science Festival will take place 8 – 10 September 2017. It will be led by Swansea University in partnership with the National Waterfront Museum.

It will provide an exciting opportunity for people to come together to celebrate and discover the latest developments in our research, and to have conversations about issues which affect our lives, our culture and society.

The majority of activities will take place at or near the National Waterfront Museum (including Swansea Museum and LC2), with some satellite events in the city centre. There will also be some activities in the Marina Market, which takes place outside the museum on Sunday 10th September.

Your Proposal
Proposals should be aimed at either non-specialist adults with broad interests or a family audience. Please indicate which audience your proposal is for in the form.

If your event is accepted, you will need to provide an image (JPEG or TIFF) for marketing materials, fill out a risk assessment and provide us with detailed logistics information in advance of the Festival.

Key Contacts
We encourage you to discuss your ideas with us before submitting your proposal. If you
have any questions or want to discuss your ideas, please contact Emma Nehemiah E.J.Nehemiah@swansea.ac.uk or Sharon Bishop s.t.bishop@swansea.ac.uk.

We will also be looking for proposals that might be of interest to the media. If you would like to discuss the potential news value of your research please contact Jacqui Bowen on jacqui.bowen@swansea.ac.uk.

Key Date
The deadline for submissions is 24th March 2017

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