2017-2018 STLF High School & Middle School Leadership Opportunities
If you are interested in being part of a leadership core for an upcoming STLF High School or Middle School Pay It Forward Tour, you have come to the right place. Remember that this leadership opportunity is FREE to you. The only cost for you is to get to the High School or Middle School you are leading from and for one meal a day (occasionally, we do have programs where those costs are covered, please reach out to the programs core for more information).

Please take a minute to fill out the information below so we can be in touch about many opportunities to come!

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Select as many as you are interested in. If the tour you are interested in leading is not listed here chances are it is more than 4 months out. All cities listed below are DEPARTURE locations, not destinations.
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Are you able to be part of the planning team for a tour? *
STLF relies on amazing college leaders to help plan and facilitate each PIF Tour.
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Do you have access to a car that you are willing to use to drive to and from the tour? *
Expectations of college leaders on STLF programs *
Please visit this link to view the expectations: http://www.stlf.net/assets/files/hs-leader-expectations.pdf. I understand that I will be given additional information and attend a training before facilitating a program.
Night Before Training *
Before each tour there is training that happens the night before the tour hits the road. Typically that training is held from 7pm-10pm.
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