Natural Breast Enhancement
There are numerous methods and remedies gifted by our mother nature to treat any health or beauty condition. Similarly, there are various herbs and foods that can help you in your goal for breast enhancement without going through any dangerous surgical process.

Are you searching for natural way to enlarge your breast size?
Natural breast enlargement with fennel seeds and fennel tea
Natural breast enlargement is within everyone's reach. Women around the world have been able to enlarge their breasts naturally without having to resort to plastic surgery and implants. It is known that Sienna Miller used fennel seed to give her breasts more volume. This article elaborates on the use of fennel seeds and fennel tea to naturally enlarge your breasts.
Breast enlarging effects of fennel seeds
Fennel seeds are full of flavonoids. They bring about a mild increase in the estrogens that help in the recovery and growth of new breast tissue. In fact, fennel seeds imitate the natural hormonal reactions of the body. Together with fenugreek, the use of fennel seeds is the best way to naturally increase your breasts. With daily use, the effect of fennel seed between 6 and 12 months is noticeable.
Increase Breast Size Naturally
Where can you buy fennel seeds?
You can find fennel seeds in the grocery department of the supermarket. Of these seeds you can make tea or you can stir a generous portion of it through your meal. It is also possible to put them on water and then mix the shoots under salad. Fennel seed is also one of the most important ingredients of a large number of breast enlargement capsules.
Fennel tea
One of the best ways to enlarge your breasts is to drink a few cups of fennel tea daily. This tea also promotes digestion and makes cellulite disappear.
Fennel tea recipe
This is how you make tea with fennel seeds:
Let the water boil
Fill a tea-egg with fennel seeds and let it infuse for five minutes.
Season with honey and lemon.
Breast-enlarging cake with fennel tea
Let the contents of two bags of fennel tea draw in a small cup of water. Make the cake as usual, but this time mix the fennel tea under the dough. Then just let the cake bake in the oven.
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