My Cup Condom™ Public Survey
My Cup Condom LLC is launching a survey of all ages to ask the public their opinion(s) on date-rape drugs in order to receive current statistics. Protecting you and your drink is very important to My Cup Condom™ and our mission. Go to or visit any of our social media pages (@mycupcondom) for more information on our product. Thank you for your participation in our survey!
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Do you know anyone who has been affected by roofies/date-rape drugs? *
Have you ever been drugged without your knowledge/consent at a bar/restaurant/etc.? *
Do you believe that being drugged/date-rape drugs are a problem? *
Have you ever been worried about getting drugged/roofied? *
Do you actively watch your drink when out at a bar/restaurant/etc.? *
Would you use My Cup Condom™ on your cup to protect your drink from such contaminants and spillage? *
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