Beverly Shores Ticket Violation Appeal
---Instructions to Pay or Appeal a Parking Violation---

You have 30 days after receiving a parking violation to pay the fine or appeal it. If the fine is not paid or appealed within 30 days, the fine increases to $100.

Note: If the violation continues to go unpaid, the Town of Beverly Shores will file a case in Porter County Superior Court. If a judgment is entered against you, court costs will be added to the original $100 violation.

Paying the Violation: You can pay your violation by mail or in person. Make check or money order payable to “Town of Beverly Shores”. Include the violation number to receive proper credit.

Payment by Mail: Town of Beverly Shores - PO Box 38 - Beverly Shores, IN 46301

Payment in Person: Town of Beverly Shores – Clerk-Treasurer Office - 500 Broadway Street (across from South Shore Train Depot) - Beverly Shores, Indiana (A secure drop box is available near the front door if the office is closed)

Appealing the Violation: If you believe you have a legitimate reason you should not have received the violation, you may submit an appeal to the Beverly Shores Clerk-Treasurer within 30 days of the date the violation was issued. Fill out the Appeal Review Form, which is on the Town’s web site below or available in the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office.

The Town Council will review your appeal at a future Town Council meeting. The Council will then vote to approve or deny your appeal based on the information you provided and in consultation with the Town Marshal and the Town Attorney.

You will receive notice from the Violations Bureau regarding the denial or approval of your appeal. If your appeal is approved, the violation will be voided. If your appeal is denied, you have 30 days from the date you are notified to pay before the violation is forwarded to Porter County Superior Court.

Mail your Appeal to: Town of Beverly Shores – Clerk-Treasurer - PO Box 38 - Beverly Shores, IN 46301. Your appeal request should be on the Appeal Review Form, found on Town web site or in the Clerk-Treasurer Office.
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