Front Yard Tree Request Form
Cahaba Heights Target Area – Neighborhood across from Cahaba Heights Elementary School
Woodhaven Circle, Dolly Ridge Drive (west of Dolly Ridge Road), Lewis Street, Dolly Ridge Lane, Greenview Road, and Dolly Ridge Road between 280 and Manor Brook Drive

• Trees will be planted during the weekend of February 16-18, 2018 weather permitting.
• Limit to one tree per yard
• Trees may be planted in your front or back yard.
• By requesting a tree to be planted, you are agreeing to maintain it with water.
• Your yard will be marked temporarily for gas lines and location of tree planting.

Fill out the “Free Yard Tree Request Form” by Wednesday, January 31. If you have a paper form, feel free to turn in your request to Cahaba Fitness, 3161 Cahaba Heights Road #217, Vestavia Hills, 35243 (behind Satterfields). Thanks!

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Trees will be 15 gallon trees estimated to be 9' in height. All trees will grow to be a height of 60', are drought tolerant and have small acorns. Keep in mind that trees will need at least 20 feet of spacing from your home and any other large trees. Thank you!
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