EGI Booster 2: Startup pre-selection form 2019
If you are selected to participate to EGI Booster 2 you will have the opportunity to receive:
- up to €20K/50k€ of funding
- €20K of sales acceleration services ( events, PR, Lead Generation,...)
- 3/6 months of acceleration program with ecommerce, growth hacking and SaaS technology experts
- up to €170K in PERKS (AWS, IBM, Microsoft BizSPark,...)

This questionnaire is the first step of the pre-selection process .
Before you start filling it up, please acknowledge our startup criteria:
- It must be a SaaS B2B solution
- It operates within e-commerce / eretail ecosystem
- It has been created after 2015

Here is the whole presentation :

If you have any question or need further information, please contact Guillermo Marcet at

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deadline: May 31

Name of your company *
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When was your company created (year only)? *
Could you describe your business in one sentence ? *
Is your technology targeting retailers, brands and ecommerce as customers?
Stage of your startup *
Can your business model be easily identified as a Digital Commerce Tech ( Retail Tech, Mar Tech, Ad Tech, ...)? *
How many employees are working fulltime? *
How many active customers do you have ? *
Your MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) *
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Could you recommend us 1/2 EXPERT that we should consider for the acceleration program?
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