2 - Fingerboard Geometry
Please pick answers that best describe your mental model of a typical violin fingerboard.

If your concept of fingerboard dimensions are not well-described by the given answers, please pick the closest answer and elaborate in the comments section.

Sketches are very not to scale.

This data will be used to define dimensions that will be used in a study of how dimensional variables of the violin fingerboard interact. Read more about the project here: https://fixitwithshading.com/2017/12/21/fingerboard-geometry-project-overview
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1. How do you treat the radius? *
2. How scoopy? (scroll right for bigger numbers) *
Captionless Image
Completely flat
over 1.00mm
Scoop along path of G string
Scoop along middle (between D & A)
Scoop along path of E string
Scoop along bass side edge
Scoop along treble side edge
Bottom lift at bridge end
3. Where do you put the deepest part of scoop along string path (between the nut & bridge end of FB)? *
4. Rank the importance. *
Scoop depth along string paths
Scoop centering
Apparent edge thicknesses
First priority
5. Where did you get your concept of fingerboard modeling? (optional)
6. Comments (optional)
Explain anything below. Any other crucial details that this survey misses? Do all your measurements work well together? What "fudging" (if any) do you have to do to make everything work?
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