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The City of Flagstaff Sustainability Program supports community climate action through the Climate Action Challenge, a project-based service-learning program for Flagstaff youth, during which they:
- Plan and implement a meaningful climate-related project
- Engage in community outreach and service
- Develop leadership skills
The Climate Action Challenge is an ideal opportunity for youth to build capacity for climate action in their neighborhoods, schools, and communities.

To participate in the Climate Action Challenge, you must be in 4th-12th grade and part of an Action Team of 2 or more youth. Action Teams can be formed as part of a class, a school-affiliated group (e.g., student council, after school club, national honor society), a home school group, or a community group (e.g., Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy or Girl Scout troop, recreation center group, church youth group). Action teams ideally should have no more than 5 members so that each member has responsibility in the project development and implementation. However, larger Action Teams can still participate (Teams should not exceed 20 youth)! Action Teams can be new groups formed just for the Challenge or already existing groups.

Note: Action Teams >5 members presenting at the Flagstaff Youth Climate Summit will be limited to 5 attending representatives due to facility capacity.
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