Photo Submission for the Ranch House Art Gallery, Agua Caliente Park, 2019
Please use this online form to provide information about the image(s) you are submitting for the CCT showing at the Ranch House Gallery at Agua Caliente Park, "LensMasters: Images & Impressions of the Southwest."

You may enter up to three images. Complete this form once for each image being submitted. (You'll be given the opportunity to complete another form after submitting the first one. Just complete for as many images as needed).

This information will be used to prepare the Description Card which will appear beside your image as it hangs in the gallery, and the Sales Book which will be kept at the gallery to provide your contact information for potential buyers.

Submission deadline: January 10, 2019.
Show dates: February 15 to March 14, 2019.

Thanks for submitting,

Your Name *
Title of Image *
Brief description/information about the image, if desired, as you would like it to appear on the Description Card (very short) or in Sales Book.
The appreciation of certain images can be enhanced with a brief explanation or description of what makes the image unique, how the shot was made, location information, etc.
Please upload a JPG of your image here.
If you will be emailing a JPG instead, please name the file using the following format: YourLastName-YourFirstInitial_AguaCaliente_ImageTitle. (Example: Capo-J_Agua Caliente_Happy Hands Petroglyph), and email to
Expected size of finished gallery image (unframed). *
Images should not be smaller than 8x10, and generally not larger than 16x20 (or 20" on the long side, if a pano). There is limited space in the gallery available for images larger than this. Larger images can be accepted on a limited basis.
Regardless of medium, all images for display should be signed by the photographer and must be prepared with wire-hanging hardware.
Landscape or vertical orientation? *
Desired sale price
You are free to charge any price you wish for your image, or to provide an image "NFS" (Not For Sale). According to the director, art has sold for very little, up to the thousands of dollars at the gallery. Historically, the largest number of sales at the Ranch House have fallen in the $125 - $250 range.
Contact Information to appear in the Sales Book. *
List your name, phone number, email address, and/or website address. Agua Caliente does not handle sales on behalf of the artist. Potential buyers must contact you directly to purchase.
Do you wish to have your personal photo included on the Description Card?
If so, please upload a thumbnail photo of yourself (head and shoulders) here.
Thanks for submitting! All photos will be reviewed and photographers will be notified in early December to confirm images that are accepted for the showing. A $10 hanging fee for each approved image will then be due, payable to CCT. This fee will cover the costs of preparing the Description Cards, Sales Book, advertising, and Artists Reception. If you have any other questions or comments, please include them here, or call James Capo at 520.245.8997.
You will need to drop off accepted work at the gallery on February 15, ready to be hung (wire hanging hardware necessary), with a business card sized identification card on the back of the work which should include your name, name of the piece, and your phone number. Thanks for your help in this way, and we look forward to making this an outstanding show for the Club Camera Tucson members! *
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