Grammar Windsor Hockey Club - Junior & Youth Registration Form
Welcome to Grammar Windsor Hockey Club (GWHC) for new and returning field hockey players, including those of you new to the sport.

Please NOTE our JUNIORS Year 1 to 8 inclusive registrations are now at capacity for the season so your registration will be placed on a WAIT LIST.

Our YOUTH school year 9 to 13 (and SENIORS) teams still have VACANCIES for player applications for their teams.

Using this on-line form you will be registered with us to play the winter season of Auckland hockey.

The playing season starts first week of school Term 2 (May) and runs to the end of Term 3 (September).

There is no skill-based entry restriction to the club - we accept players of all abilities. However, you must be registered and this is the on-line form to do that . . . it does not require a financial transaction. Our fees are on the website and expected to be paid in April before the season begins. Once registered you'll be included in our email updates so you're abreast of whats up.

If we become oversubscribed, team selection is from then on as a paid fees, first-come-first-served basis.

Thanks for choosing us - we are looking forward to another great season. Its a fantastic sport.

Our byline is: having fun, gaining skills, and with that, expertise. See you on the turf, soon.

Cathie O'Shanassy, Juniors (Year 1 to 8)
Paresh Patel, Youth Boys (Year 9 to 13)
Rob McKnight, Youth Girls (Year 9 to 13)

Grammar Windsor Hockey Club

The form filling stuff:

If a field is not applicable please state "n/a". If a field is the same as previously entered e.g. home phone, address, etc, please enter "as above". That gives us the info and saves you time. We'll have paper forms at musters as well if that's easier for you.

Please email us at if the form doesn't work, or if you have a query not answered on the website at:

All information is confidential to Grammar Windsor Hockey Club and the Auckland Hockey Association and will not be disclosed to a third party.

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Included in your subs fee is supply of a Grammar Windsor shirt and shorts uniform returned at season end. We need your size so we can be surer of getting the right uniform to you befoire the season starts. These are handed out at your first training session in May before the first game
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Name any other players you would like to play with
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Would you be comfortable playing in a grade above your school year
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Have you played hockey with Grammar Windsor before *
If you have played before how many years have you played *
If you have played before what grade did you play *
Have you played Representative Hockey before *
Helps us get an idea of possible rep players - all players can be selected
Are you or your partner able to assist your child's team at training and/or games? *
You'd be with your child's team. We provide support to new managers and coaches. Depending on individual approach, some coaches do the manager's role as well, in particular communication to their team. Then again, sharing these roles means the manager or co-coach can arrange substitutions at games while the coach umpires on the field and assists players get more from the game, etc.
How will you pay? *
Our details: Bank of New Zealand, Account Number: 02-0160-0253103-000, Account Name: Grammar Windsor Hockey Club Incorporated, Your Reference (so we know who the payment is for please state: family surname and first initial e.g. Smith J))
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