Toto Tools in Summer
Toto tools is a free social and emotional skills group for teens! And it's going online. During a time of less social engagement outside of the home, these skills can still be grown. We have found positive effects of social engagement through virtual platforms and will use these to help our participants to build their skills. '

Groups will focus on Six Objectives:

1. Increase Students' Knowledge of Social Skills
2. Increase Awareness of Personal Responsibility
3. Increase Understanding of Healthy Emotional Expression
4. Increase Knowledge and Application of Positive Self Care
5. Increase Range of Positive Coping Skills
6. Increase Ability to Problem Solve

We will meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:00-1:45 PM. If needed we will add additional sessions as this needs to be a limited size group for optimal interactions.
Signing up is a commitment to attend groups regularly through Zoom platform. These groups will be limited in capacity and it is a first come first serve. If we have high interest we will add more sessions. Participants do not need to be local to our in house center in Zelienople.
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