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An Honors Independent Study project is an opportunity for a student to undertake a substantive, academically rigorous, research effort in close collaboration with a faculty mentor.* Honors College LLP students may enroll in HONR 379, Honors Independent Study, which carries three credits after their proposal has been approved by the Honors College. Students may begin to take Honors Independent Study in their second year.
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Summer is by petition only with registration in both session I and II
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Next Steps
1. Consult guidelines located on the Honors College website.
2. Upload to this form your study proposal (300-500 words) and bibliography.
3. Your faculty mentor will be contacted to complete an agreement form before your application is reviewed.
4. Register for the assigned section of HONR 379 after your proposal has been approved.

HONR 379 may be taken only for a regular grade.

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