The Wheel of Collaboration
Submission Times; OPEN until further notice

Rules of the  The Wheel of Collaboration. Please Read

1) You have one month, 28days to create a collaboration song
2) There must be no explicit lyrics in the collaboration as it is aired through the day.
3) You must at all times be kind and courteous with your collaborative partner.  
4) You can not release the song to the general public or any other stations until it has aired on SLE Radio Media.
5) This Competition is here to promote you and is meant to be fun so enjoy it :)
6) Promote the video via all formats available to you and include the hashtags #sle #sleradio #wheelofcollab
7) Don't forget to join SLEs Social Media across the board including Discord.
8) Include all your Social Media handles in this response.

How it Works

Depending on the overall amount of interest in The Wheel of Collaboration we shall have it start the first Monday we have a minimum of 20 participants, this will continue with every first Monday of the month being a wheel of collaboration show on SLE Radio at 6am to 8am UK Time (Good Mornin SLE).

Tune in to Good Mornin SLE between 6am and 8am to listen in and see if you are spun in.

If you aren't spun in with the wheel don't worry your name will remain on the wheel until you get a chance or you pull your name of the Wheel of Collaboration ( this can be done by emailing me at

If you are spun in then you will receive a message directly from SLE introducing your partner to the collaboration, you will be given the completion date. If there are any issues with the completiona date or you encounter issues along the way please let us know so if there is anyway of us helping to resolve an issue we can. Extensions can be granted in circumstances.

Once you have completed the collaboration and all parties involved are happy please submit your song to, please ensure that the subject line contains;

" Wheel of Collaboration song "

You will be notified then via social media when your song is going to receive its premier airtime, at this point do not forget that the collaboration song cannot go on to an streaming platform, other Radio Station or any public performance until it has received its air on SLE RADIO.


By submitting to the SLE Music Radio, you allow SLE the rights to apply your music to an SLE Video and promote your song directly across on SLE platforms, (Radio, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit).

SLE will engage directly with you and support your music as long as your interaction with SLE is maintained, Any entries into the The Wheel of Collaboration will be treated equally and fairly.

SLE cannot be held responsible for the feedback received from any social media promotion.

Remember this is a bit of fun so enjoy it and let's get your music out there, oh and Good Luck :)
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