Skirmish : Most Wanted
Joining Fee- RS. 100.00/-
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➔ Individual Gamers must register their names on the Registration Desk to be a participant.
➔ Gamers should arrive at least 10 minutes before their match or otherwise they will be disqualified.
➔ Change in the file system, Console and any use of hack, saved files etc. by the participants will be considered as cheating and hence the gamer will be immediately disqualified.
➔ Keyboards ​will be provided or Gamers can bring their own Gamepad, Keyboard or Mouse, suitable for them !!
➔ The organising Coordinator reserves the right to modify the game rules if technical failure or any other factor beyond immediate control hampers the integrity of the game.
➔ Car Settings Visual Upgrade allowed. Part, Performance (Pro, Super Pro, Ultimate)allowed, Junkman not allowed Personal save files are NOT allowed. Cars Controls may be tuned before racing each course.
➔ Game Settings
Collision Detection: Off
Performance Matching:Off
Car Damage: Off
Rearview Mirror: Player's own decission
Map: Rotate
Units: Imperical
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