Ordering Inis Tea with Ether
Use Ether to pay for your Inis Tea order and receive 20% off your total order! (shipping costs still apply) Simply follow the instructions below to use Ether and receive your favorite Inis Tea plus a discount!

Sorry, no international shipping is available at this time. US domestic shipping only.
What do we do with the Ether?
We always try to be as transparent as possible with our customers, so it's a fair question. As most of our regular customers are aware (and as stated on our homepage), our family is planning on adopting a child from the Philippines. As such, 100% of profits from Inis Tea are going to that cause. Because of that stated goal, and the historic volatility of the cryptocurrency markets, we feel that the most prudent thing to do would be to liquidate upon receipt of the payment. While holding the Ether would be tempting (and we certainly support Ether!), we think that converting to a more stable US Dollar is the wise course of action weighed against the importance of providing a child a home.
What can we send you?
Please write below, clearly, what you are ordering. Please use the descriptions and sizes specified on www.inistea.com

Example Order: 2 Breakfast Assam, 4oz loose leaf; 1 Blueberry, box of 20 tea bags; 1 Raspberry, Iced Tea; 1 Tea Ball

Example of what NOT to write: 1 Peach loose tea
We have different sizes for most teas. Failure to be specific will delay our processing of your order until we can clarify what size you want.
Please write your order here using the format shown above: *
Calculate Payment
Use the following calculator to calculate the cost of your order.

With the 20% discount, items marked $10.00 are $8.00, and items marked $5.00 are $4.00.

Please include the following for shipping:
$5.00 or less - $3.50
$14.00 or less - $5.50
$28.00 or less - $7.50
$28.01 or more - $9.50

Sorry, no international shipping is available at this time. US domestic shipping only.

Use the following calculator to convert USD to Ether: https://coinmarketcap.com/calculator/
Sending Ether Payment
Send the payment to: 0xaf702eEdd447b672c85469f9D5395c5AC60421C1
(Please do not send ERC20 tokens to this address. It is an exchange address and your tokens will be lost. If you'd like to pay in an ERC20, please contact us first and it can most likely be arranged. If you don't know what this means, you don't need to worry about it!)

Or use the QR code below.
Use the following QR Code
Your Payment Address
Please provide your Ether address below so that we can confirm your payment was received and match it to this order. ONLY SUBMIT YOUR PUBLIC WALLET ADDRESS , NOT YOUR PRIVATE KEY. We will confirm payment on the blockchain prior to shipping your order.
Shipping Info (include name and address) *
Your E-mail Address (only in case we have a question with your order) *
Additional Comments
What About Privacy
After your order has been processed and shipped we will delete your contact information. We will definitely not share your information or maintain any kind of database with your personal data.
Visiting www.inistea.com will answer most questions about our products.

For further questions or for help in calculating or sending your Ether payment, please e-mail us at inisteacompany@gmail.com
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