2020 BARPCV Member Survey
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How engaged do you feel by BARPCV as an organization?
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What can BARPCV do to better engage our members?
How welcome do you feel at BARPCV events?
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How could BARPCV improve as an organization in terms of Diversity Equity and Inclusion?
Since March have you attended any of the online events?
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If yes which event(s)?
During this time of shelter in place, are they any type of events or support BARPCV could provide that would be helpful to you?
When we can do in person events again, what types of activities would you like BARPCV to provide as an organization?
How do you find out about BARPCV events?
How many BARPCV events have you attended over the past year?
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Which event(s) have you attended in the past year
What other events would you be interested in participating in?
Are there barriers you have seen to becoming a BARPCV member or attending BARPCV events? If so, what could BARPCV do to mitigate those barriers and improve accessibility?
What days and times work best for attending events?
Is there anything else you would like to add?
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